Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcoming Animated Films - My Thoughts (Part 10)

Now that I've gone over the unscheduled Pixar dinosaur project, the cancelled Newt and the possible Incredibles sequel, let’s look at all the films DreamWorks has in the works but without any release date set...

One thing about DreamWorks is that they announce a boatload of projects, and some of them don’t make it over the years. Examples include Punk Farm, Rex Havoc and Route 66. A couple of these projects actually had been projected for release in 2012 and 2013, Truckers and Boo U for example. So let’s jump in and see what the boy on the moon might have in store for us.

This project is based on Rodrigo Blaas’ animated short film of the same name. (He’ll also direct the film, Guillermo del Toro is producing the film) According to the LA Times Blog, the plot involves children and dark creatures. There hasn’t been much revealed about this project. It reminds me of Shane Acker’s 9, which was an adaptation of his 2005 short film of the same. The film turned out to be a bust. Also, the subject matter of this short seems dark, far away from the irreverant comedies DreamWorks has produced in the last five years. Guillermo del Toro being there might be a good thing for the studio, and he might thrust them into a different direction. Goodbye endless comedies, hello ambitious works of storytelling!
Boo U
This one sounds like fun. A ghost is awful at scaring people, so he goes back to ghost school. The director, Tony Leondis, doesn’t have such a hot track record. (He directed the forgotten 2008 animated film, Igor) Seth Rogen is the voice of the main character. Not sure if I’m fine with that, but I have a feeling this will be one of DreamWorks’ fun films. Here’s hoping the film isn’t relentlessly compared to Monsters University, because there are Pixar fans who are probably ready to scream “murder” when the first trailer will eventually pop up.

Captain Underpants
The books were popular when I was in elementary school, they were a staple at book fairs. I've never really read any of them, but a movie could be fun. I can’t see this one working, unless DreamWorks just does it as a comedy and nothing more.

Flawed Dogs
This film is based on a story by Berkeley Breathed. After being topped by show dog, a dachshund aims to get the love and affection of his family back. Sounds like it could be a more heartfelt film, much like How to Train Your Dragon.
Based on Chris Gall’s children’s book of the same name, this film will probably have some “interesting” character designs. I mean, Dinotrux, dinosaurs and trucks put together. That ought to be something else.
Gil’s All Fright Diner
Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfield is at the helm of this adaptation of A. Lee Martinez’s science fiction novel about a 24-hour restaurant in the middle of nowhere. The characters are werewolves, vampires and ghosts. I except this one to have a Halloween release, whenever it comes out.

Good Luck Trolls
I might be proven wrong, but this one sounds like a disaster and it probably might be scrapped. It’s based on the toy dolls of the same name. They plan on creating a whole mythology and backstory for these trolls.

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