Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Wreck-It Ralph"'s First Poster Makes Its Debut

It's about time. Disney has finally released something that has to do with their upcoming animated feature Wreck-It Ralph. It's not a trailer, unfortunately, but a poster... A great poster at that! It's not like the usual posters for Disney animated films, or most animated films in general. A great retro design that reminds us of the days when video arcades ruled, the poster shows Wreck-It Ralph himself in his 8-bit form with the release date in the 8-bit font. It's certainly an attention-grabbing poster (it's already getting praise for its retro design), and it shows that this is not going to be your typical animated film.

... Which is a good thing, because Walt Disney Animation Studios (as I've said many times before) have made some really good films in the past five years since Michael Eisner stepped down as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and they need to show audiences and movie-goers early on that these films are worth seeing in theaters. Compare this to the posters for, say, Bolt... Big difference! Like I said, this will be something different, and this poster proves it. No cutesy stuff or what you'd come to expect on a Disney poster. It's minimalist, retro and interesting.

There's only one thing this poster is missing: THE TITLE! Oh well, the Facebook page is on it. So Disney might be learning their lesson after the way they marketed The Princess and the Frog, John Carter and several other films. The good thing is, they at least got a poster out. This also means that we may get a trailer for the film very soon. I'm hoping they release one before Aardman's The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! (or Band of Misfits, if you want to go by the US title) or before The Avengers. The Avengers would be a smart choice, since that's obviously going to be huge. I'm just hoping they don't wait until Brave comes out to unleash the trailer.

If they go ahead with a very strong marketing campaign, Walt Disney Animation Studios might see another Tangled-sized smash hit, but this time, an ambitious film will be the box office champion and open people up to what a Disney animated feature can be. If it goes over well, we'll probably see more risky efforts like this one.

What are your thoughts on this poster? Are you anticipating this film? Do you think it will be another home run for the Mouse House? Sound off!

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  1. It's definitely an interesting poster. I'm still on the fence about this film, but I am curious and it is Disney, so I will check it out. It's got a pretty cool premise.