Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Pixar Update: New "Brave" Trailer, "The Good Dinosaur" and "Dia De Los Muertos"

Note: This was originally posted as an article on the Brave trailer, but since the big news came in a few hours later, I felt it necessary to merge both posts.

It's finally here, the third theatrical trailer for Pixar's Brave! I'm happy to say that it's a fantastic trailer, and quite possibly one of the best Pixar trailers I've ever seen. It was very consistent all the way through and it did a fine job establishing the story while also showing the film's more dramatic side. It's a far cry from the choppily edited first trailer that showed up back in November 2011, and other frenetic trailers for Pixar films. (WALL-E and Toy Story 3 come to mind)

While the trailer shows us Merida's relationship with her family (in greater detail than before) and what she does to unleash the curse on the Scottish highlands, it also tones down the comic relief and uses it effectively. The comedy with the three lords makes more sense now in this trailer and the two-minute clip, same with the triplets. With that, it's a lot funnier in this trailer than it was the November 2011 trailer.

In total, this trailer is everything I wanted it to be. It balances the drama, the humor and the action effectively. It looks like something people will flock to see, and it's nice to see Disney really aggressively marketing this film because they don't want it to go over terribly. I'm confident that Brave will remind audiences that Pixar is still one of the top notch animation studios, Cars 2 or no Cars 2. Of course the trailer also mentions WALL-E, Up and Toy Story 3, Pixar's three tearjerkers, for the inevitable "From the creators of..." section during the effective last half of the trailer. Here's the thing though, why do the trailers have to keep reminding audiences what Pixar made? Shouldn't they know? Oh wait, never mind...

This trailer makes me all the more excited for Brave, now that the marketing has really kicked off. Hopefully it's a huge hit and a rebound for Pixar. One dent in the armor isn't enough to bring them down, and hopefully this will prove it. One thing I want to know, why did they wait until now to release it online? This trailer was attached to the 3D re-release of Titanic earlier this month, and now we get it online. I wonder why. I'm guessing they wanted it to be exclusive to theaters because they might've expected that Titanic 3D would be a huge hit... But it wasn't! Oh well, at least we got it.

But that's not all... We got even bigger news today!

Talk about a triple helping from Pixar for the day... First, the new Brave trailer, and now this... Pixar's untitled film about dinosaurs is now titled The Good Dinosaur and Lee Unkrich's next Pixar film is titled Dia De Los Muertos. Pixar announced these updates at CinemaCon less than an hour ago.

The Good Dinosaur was originally scheduled for release on November 27, 2013, and the release date was pushed back after Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen took that spot. For a while, it didn't have a release date. Now it's coming out on May 30, 2014, when Pixar's still-untitled Inside the Mind project was slated to come out. That has now been pushed back to June 19, 2015. I'm assuming the title refers to the brontosaurus that appears in the concept art with the boy that was in the Up B-Roll I video. When Pixar first announced this project last summer, I was already excited, since the idea alone (dinosaurs never going extinct) was pretty creative. That's all I can say about this project for now.

Lee Unkrich stated on Twitter that Dia De Los Muerto's story is set in the world of the Mexican holiday of the same name, which translates to Day of the Dead. Sounds ambitious already, and dark. Pixar just seems to be getting more and more ambitious and creative, but I wonder, when will Dia De Los Muertos come out? I'd say summer 2016, since Pixar films have been summer releases since Cars. One thing though, I've never seen their upcoming slate change so much. Sometimes we saw projects being scheduled for November releases, and then moved to the summer. I just hope this is the definitive upcoming slate. The only thing is, where's Newt? Oh well, they may bring it back, you never know!

As a bonus for those who were at CinemaCon, a teaser for Monsters University was shown, which reportedly had the crowd roaring with laughter. Hopefully that trailer will appear soon, but something tells me we're going to have to wait. Who knows, maybe we'll get it online right now. What do you think?

Your thoughts on this? Which one of these projects excites you? Or do all of them excite you? Sound off!

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  1. I love dinosaurs, and Lee's film sounds so intriguing, but I'm especially excited for Pete's mind movie! He's my favorite Pixarian, but it just sounds a lot more ambitious, and I'm a sucker for animated films which feature female leads. (Not to say anything against Pixar, but I think they'll bring up some fantastic girl centric films in future).