Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Brave" TV Spots and "Finding Nemo" 3D Trailer

Yesterday, we got two new things from Pixar: First, a new TV spot for Brave and second, the new trailer for the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo. First up, the Brave spot...

The TV spot isn't bad, though it does try to sell it more as a comedy than anything else. This is the norm for most Disney and Pixar animated films when it comes to the commercials, which are normally hyperactive to begin with. Most of the comic relief here works, but I'm hoping that future TV spots will focus on the story itself and not the antics of the main characters.

They also released an extended version today that's less messy, though it does insert comic relief at moments where it doesn't belong. All in all, this is an improvement and it shows some bits and pieces of new footage. I also found it kind of weird that the spot said "from Disney and Pixar", as opposed to "Disney-Pixar". Then again, I miss the days when the trailers and spots would say "Walt Disney Pictures present a Pixar Animation Studios film," because technically, that's what they should say.

Then we have this featurette, which is more akin to humorous "Kilt" featurette. This one advertises a fictional LP called "Freedom Broch" featuring parodies of well-known songs. The marketing department really seemed to go all out with this film. Now let's see them devote this effort and time to Wreck-It Ralph!

Next up, the Finding Nemo 3D trailer...

I am very excited to re-experience Finding Nemo in theaters (though I would prefer that it wasn't in 3D). This trailer was somewhat of a mess, but it doesn't really matter because we all know how great the film is. It focuses a lot more on the comedy than the story. I would've preferred a trailer that focused more on the story, but I'm guessing Disney marketing wants to make this come off as a funny film to kids who haven't seen the original (are there any?). I also think this re-release is a bit too soon, but then again, this is a crown jewel of animation so I'd love to see it on the big screen. When I first saw it in 2003, I was around ten years old, so seeing it in theaters now would probably be an even better experience. I have no idea what it will look like in 3D, but I just wish that we could re-experience these films without having to wear sunglasses. This is why I'm happy and unhappy about Disney's re-release plans, which I ranted about before.

Also, I've realized something, the trailer line-up for Brave is probably going to be massive. Just think about it for a second. This, Monsters University (inevitable since it shown at CinemaCon), Rise of the Guardians, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman and possibly Wreck-It Ralph. Other theaters might add Ice Age: Continental Drift or Hotel Transylvania. That's going to be quite a line-up of trailers. What do you think? What trailers do you think will be attached to the film? Both 2D and 3D versions.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the Brave TV spot and the Finding Nemo 3D trailer? Sound off!

Also, one more month until Brave opens nationwide!

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