Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disney's Next Short Film, "Paperman"

Walt Disney Animation Studios' has kicked off a series of videos chronicling the making of their upcoming animated short film, Paperman. This short film will be attached to their upcoming animated feature Wreck-It Ralph this autumn. From what I've seen of this project so far, it looks very interesting. Disney certainly knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to animated short films, and like Pixar, they are trying to keep the idea of short films before main attractions going in this day and age. In this first clip, director John Kahrs talks about what inspired him.

I'm really looking forward to this. As one who is very happy with the fact that Disney is putting short films before their big event films, Paperman seems even riskier than their previous few short films, given the storyline and the interesting, minimalistic art style. This and Wreck-It Ralph should make for a great night at the theaters. Looking at the still images and the synopsis alone is proof that Walt Disney Animation Studios is slowly getting back to their roots and following in Walt Disney's footsteps.

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