Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Finding Nemo" Swims to Blu-ray December 4th

A release date has finally been chosen for Finding Nemo on Blu-ray! December 4th!

Now with this date, it's also possible that Brave will hit Blu-ray on the same day. Why's that you might ask? When Up hit Blu-ray in November 2009, Monsters, Inc. was released the same day. When Ratatouille debuted on home media for the first time, so did the first collection of Pixar shorts. On that same day, Cars was released on Blu-ray, having been on DVD for a year up until then. When Toy Story 3 came to home media, the Cars Toon collection hit stores. When Cars 2 came out on home media, the 3D versions of the Toy Story films were released. Maybe this trend will continue with Brave and Finding Nemo. It's possible. What do you think?

I'd say it might happen, but I believe that Pixar will probably give Brave the usual first week of November release so they can get it out there before the holidays. Now back to Finding Nemo. What can we expect from this release? For now, I think we'll be getting all of the wonderful bonus features from the original DVD. This does raise an interesting question though, will they include the Audio-Visual Commentary? I'd say yes, since it's a great bonus and it has several behind the scenes clips. It'll probably be renamed the Cine-Explore commentary, and they'll probably structure it the same way they did with the Cars and Ratatouille Cine-Explore commentaries, and not like the ones on the later films. They would have to, because of all the behind the scenes clips. They should also keep the other bonus features, which I'm sure they probably will.

New bonus features? Who knows what else they could possibly add, since the original DVD was loaded. Also, we're getting a 3D Blu-ray edition of the film. It was inevitable, since the film is being re-released in 3D on September 14th. I just hope that Disney doesn't include all of the extras on the 3D edition only, like they did with the Blu-ray releases of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Cars 2, but something tells me that Disney is now dropping this policy since it probably angered a lot of consumers. John Carter's upcoming non-3D Blu-ray release has all of its bonus features, the 3D Blu-ray doesn't have an extra assortment. The Lion King's 3D Blu-ray release wasn't like that, either, oddly enough.

Also, the cover artwork isn't too bad. I'm usually not too crazy about the cover artwork for anything on home media, especially something from Disney, but the cover doesn't look too bad. I do think it's not blue enough, and the work is a bit sloppy. The original DVD and VHS (yes, Finding Nemo was available on VHS when it first debuted on home media) is a bit better, and for some reason, Bruce looks a bit out of place here. Maybe it's just me, but he does seem a bit out of place. The 3D cover is far superior, being a modified version of the big character poster.

Also, we're getting a second collection of Pixar short films sometime this year. For now, I think it'll probably appear alongside Finding Nemo (and Brave, if that is also released on December 4th) but the German advertisement that confirmed it says sometime in November. So who knows. Also, the ad reveals the cover artwork. So it looks like this will have everything from Your Friend the Rat up until La Luna, with the possible exception of the Cars Toon shorts, since they have their own release. Also, the Toy Story Toon short Small Fry (which was attached to The Muppets) will debut on this set, making it the first time the short will be available on home media. Good thing too, Small Fry was a lot of fun much like Hawaiian Vacation.

With these three titles coming, it'll be a holiday of Pixar. A new film, an older one that everyone has been waiting for on Blu-ray, and a collection of their recent short films. I'm definitely looking forward to getting them all when they come out. How about you? What version of Finding Nemo will you get? The 3D version or the standard Blu-ray? What do you think of the cover artwork? When do you think Brave will hit Blu? Sound off!

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