Friday, May 18, 2012

Introducing "KJO and Kris"

Hello folks, the other day, a fellow animation fan and I decided to come up with a web show for YouTube, called "KJO and Kris"! Of course, I'm KJO and my co-host Kris is a fellow blogger (you can also follow her on twitter) and animation lover. The idea was to deliver our take on certain animated features, and to see how our opinions are similar and how they can also differ. We'll be covering older animated films and recent animated films from several different studios.

For now, we have an introduction video and the first in series of "rambles".

The introduction...

... And our ramble, about things like the differences between cartoons and animated features, the MPAA and Disney's upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph.

As you can see, we have yet to get an official logo of sorts, so this will have to do for the moment. Our first review should be here by next week or so. Definitely check it out and tell us what you think. Also, give us suggestions on what animated films we should review. We already got a good amount right now.

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