Friday, June 15, 2012

"Brave" Father's Day Clip and Early Reviews

I knew it would happen, they could not go without making a Father Day's clip for Brave. It's a good clip, though I personally prefer the Mother's Day one over this. This clip goes for comic relief more than anything, and it's not as long as the Mother's Day clip. Still a nice clip, though.

In other news, some reviews came in. The positive ones are saying that the film is good, but it has problems. Something tells me that the critics could be a bit biased (how would they review this film had Cars 2 never existed?), but then again, there were early reports going around that the film's second act somewhat falls short of the first thirty minutes or so. I wouldn't be surprised actually, given the change of directors halfway through production in late 2010. However, it's good that the film is still considered good by these select critics. There's four negative ones, which has the film at 64% on the Tomatometer. I didn't take the time to read them, but looking at the summaries, some of them seemed biased in a way. One review said Pixar has gone for the "Happy Meal" alternative, and adding that the film is for six year olds... Another one said the film is "nothing more than a caricature of a well-worn conceit"... The other two are a little better by comparison... Well, I'm going to have to see what I think. I for one felt that the critics were harsh on Cars 2, a film that I felt was average and enjoyable. I have given the first eleven Pixar films an A+, and I'm perfectly fine with Brave being a B, B+ or A-. Not everything has to be "Pixar good", they can do a simply good effort from time to time. No one can keep an excellence streak going forever. To think that they can is simply ridiculous. The folks at Pixar are only human. Yes it's disappointing in a way, but come to think of it, getting eleven excellent films (well, ten if you don't like Cars that much, which A LOT of people do) in a row kind of spoiled us... If Pixar continues making movies that are simply good, I'll take that over them making mediocre or bad films.

What do you think of all the negative reviews? Do you think the critics are biased? Or do you believe it's another trip up from Pixar? Sound off!

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