Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Home Run

As usual, Pixar topped the box office for the weekend. Brave took in $66.3 million, itching past Cars 2's $66.1 million opening last year. This makes it the fifth biggest opening weekend for a Pixar film, although it should've gone a little higher because of its big opening day. Still, $66 million is not too bad. Now, we have to see what its legs will be like. With an "A" on CinemaScore, it looks as if audiences really enjoyed this new Pixar film. I know my audience did, so good word of mouth is definitely going to carry this past $200 million.

Worst case scenario, it scores a 3.5x multiplier (much like WALL-E) and grosses a little over $230 million, which would still be pretty damn good. A 4.0x multiplier is also very possible, but $300 million does seem out of reach. Also, don't forget the family friendly competition from Ice Age: Continental Drift. The Amazing Spider-Man may also affect Brave.

In other animation news, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted held very well. Usually a 3D release in animation will significantly drop when a new animated release comes along, but Madagascar 3 wasn't affected. It took in $19 million, only dropping 42%. It's currently #2, which is great because we have two animated films in the top two. Amazing, isn't it? The film has now grossed $157 million domestically. It is destined to outgross both of its predecessors and take in $200 million.

With that, we'll have three $200 million animated films already. Box office is at an all-time high, and it looks as if this will be 2010 all over again. By the time Toy Story 3 opened in June, How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek Forever After had already cleared $200 million. Now if Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians were to gross $200 million, then we'll be tied with 2010. 5 animated films grossing $200 million. On top of that, Ice Age: Continental Drift could surprise audiences and take in $200 million. This will all make 2011's animation box office grosses look like a bump in the road.

The only mishap so far this year, box office-wise, is Aardman's The Pirates! Band of Misfits. It should've been a small success, but Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia dropped the ball with the marketing and made it come off as a kiddie version of Pirates of the Carribean. It's only mustered up $29 million domestically, which is even less than what Arthur Christmas made. On a lighter note, it has made $114 million worldwide. It's a small success for Aardman, as usual for their films.

What do you think? How much do you think Brave can make in the long run? Do you think anything else has a shot at making $200 million this year? Sound off!

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