Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: "Temple Run: Brave"

Yes, I'll admit it, I love Temple Run. It's addicting, it's fun, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I converted to it a couple months ago, and have not stopped playing since. When I heard that a version of the game based on Pixar's Brave was being made, I was excited. Right when it hit the App Store, I bought it. Having already played the hell out of it, I felt I'd give it a quick review.

Temple Run: Brave is essentially the same game, except you're in the film's Scotland setting. You play as Princess Merida (the only playable character), of course. Instead of being chased by demonic monkeys, you are chased by Mor'du the demon bear. Basically it's just like Temple Run, but they added a few cool things. Merida speaks from time to time, making things much more interesting. The graphics are also great, and a bit better than the smooth graphics as seen in the original game. The only problem is, the game is rather laggy. It doesn't flow as fast as the original, but hopefully an update solves this.

Best of all, they have added an archery feature. As you run, targets will appear. You usually have to shoot two to five of them, before the next set of targets show up. It adds to the fun, and of course the power ups from the original game are back. The music and sound effects? They're good too.

Overall, if you love Temple Run and are looking forward to Pixar's Brave, getting this game is a must!

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