Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Hotel Transylvania" Theatrical Trailer

A new trailer for Sony Pictures Animation's upcoming film Hotel Transylvania (directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Samurai Jack) has shown up today. Thankfully, it is far superior to the rather quick and ultimately disappointing teaser we got before it.

Anyways, aside from the nice, stylish animation, this actually looks like it could be very fun. Though I'm not all that crazy about the star-studded cast and some of the jokes here, I am actually looking forward to this now. Before I saw this trailer, I wrote the entire film off as a juvenile, silly comedy that would be one of this year's lesser animated features.

The trailer also tells us what the story is, and it seems okay, but I hope they pull off the "child wants to leave his/her protective parent and home" plot. However, like I said, some of the jokes in the trailer misfire completely. Other ones, such as Dracula singing to his daughter Mavis, are hilarious. Adam Sandler's Dracula voice is alright, the rest of the cast seems to be okay, but Adam Sandberg's character sounds very obnoxious. I don't know why, but his character seems like he's going to be annoying. The animation, like it was in the teaser, was good. I like the art direction, though it is reminiscent of Tim Burton's style and such, I still like it. It's actually a bit colorful too for a film like this.

What are your thoughts on this trailer? Do you think it looks good? Do you think it looks bad? What are your thoughts on the cast and the animation? Sound off!

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