Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Animated Goodness from the Licensing Expo

Yesterday at the 2012 Licensing Expo, the first image from Blue Sky's Epic appeared. More images from upcoming animated films also appeared. First up, DreamWorks Animation's summer 2013 release, Turbo. All the images are available to view thanks to /Film and

I'm still not too sure about this project. While I believe DreamWorks has been doing very well lately, something tells me that this will be a hiccup unless they make sure that it succeeds at what it should be: A fun film based around an obviously ridiculous story. The image itself is nice and colorful, but really, that's about it for me.

Blue Sky's Rio 2 appeared, but it's just the logo and the characters from the first film. Nothing new here. At least we know it's in the works, I mean, why would Blue Sky not do a sequel after how well the first one did?

One last animated film made a splash. Sony Pictures Animation's Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftover. Not much to say about this one, but the sequel was inevitable.

More to come...

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