Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding Nemo 2? (FALSE ALARM)

Apparently Andrew Stanton has a good idea for a Finding Nemo sequel.

A Finding Nemo sequel? Why??

First of all, I'm not going to jump the gun and say Pixar is selling out. No, I'm not going to do that. The studio supposedly loves the idea Stanton has. Again, it isn't officially confirmed.

According to the article, Andrew Stanton might be doing this to get a pass for John Carter failing at the box office so he can move on and do another live action project. If that's true, then that's just disgusting. John Carter failed because of bad marketing and an awful title! It isn't rocket science! Also, Disney recouped from it. Shouldn't they be happy that The Avengers and Brave more than made up for that? If he has to do this to satisfy Disney and gain their trust again, then something is truly wrong with Disney management. Why should he have to prove himself? Andrew Stanton was involved in several Pixar films from the very start that did boffo business at the box office, directed two films that did great business and got stellar reception, and his Finding Nemo is one of the most successful franchises for Disney.

Then again, Stanton might have a good idea, but a second Finding Nemo does not need to be made. Stanton talked about sequels at the LA Hero Complex Film festival, and mentioned that they would be like "comfort food". But why a sequel to Finding Nemo? Can't Andrew Stanton do an original film for Pixar? One that will be a huge success and make Disney proud?

"I’m sure you’ll see some other sequels of things as they grow because now we are not so blinded. It’s the originals that keep us really going and it’s the sequels that are like comfort food, and I think it’s the same way for the audience."

While he does make a point about the sequels, they don't have to be made, especially for just pleasing audiences. I understand that Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 were both fantastic, but that was a rare moment where two sequels were excellent. Cars 2 didn't equal its predecessor, and left a lot of people very unsatisfied. We can only imagine how Monsters University will turn out next summer, but they should stop there. I personally believe that Finding Nemo "2" does not need to be made. If it turns out to be amazing, I'll gladly admit I was wrong, but at the moment, I just don't want a sequel to it.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts? Mere speculation? Or do you think it's actually going to happen? If they go ahead and start working on it, how would you feel?

UPDATE: Here's what Andrew Stanton himself had to say...

There you have it...


  1. This is my personal opinion about it and I know you may disagree with me, but this is what happens when private companies become publicly traded companies. Disney (a publicly traded company) bought Pixar. Now Pixar has had quite a few sequels be released since the acquisition. Gotta please the shareholders. If you don't believe me, look at DreamWorks (publicly traded)! Sequels, sequels, sequels!

    I'm not saying Pixar is selling out, they still are the best in the business with lots of original promising films, but I can't help but feel there was pressure from Disney. Especially since Brave has made the least amount of money of any Pixar film so far. Pixar was a $7.4 billion investment for Disney and they want to make sure they are getting a great return on that investment. That's just economics and business.

  2. You make a lot of excellent points. There were several concerns about this back when Disney acquired Pixar in 2006. I also found out a while ago that "Toy Story 3" and "Monsters University" were supposedly done to replace the sequels that Disney was threatening to make had Pixar left (Circle 7), since they were going to do TS3 and a "Monsters, Inc." sequel. They were also starting work on a "Finding Nemo" sequel, so this could a reason why.

    That said, "Finding Nemo" 2 can turn out to be a brilliant film. Stanton is directing, which is a plus, at least someone else who wasn't involved with the original isn't. About "Brave", the reason why the gross isn't as high is because it's not even out in all of Europe yet. It should make more than $300 million or so internationally (not counting domestic grosses). That said, "Cars 2" was the only subpar film that they did, IMO. "Monsters University" can turn out to be fantastic, as I am looking forward to it. I just feel that a second "Finding Nemo" doesn't need to be made, but if turns out to be an excellent film, I'll be satisfied.