Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Disney VHS Collection Update

Here's a new Disney VHS collection update for you...

When I got my current YouTube channel back in February of 2010, I immediately filmed myself demonstrating the collection all over again like I did on my old account. Then I filmed a much more in-depth series in December, but during that time, I didn't really get any new VHS tapes or Beta tapes for the collection. I only got the super rare 1986 Walt Disney Classics box set and two more other Classics editions after that. I did an update for the box set, of course, but for the other two VHS tapes, they just appeared in a video where I showed the entire collection...

So this is my first real Disney VHS update that's done like a Blu-ray or DVD update would be done. Suffice to say, I'm glad I went to that yard sale. I also scooped up a non-Disney animated classic too, so enjoy. More updates should come later on this month if I find anything.

A little more about the tapes themselves:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1994 VHS - For many years, Disney refused to release this film on home video since it was one of their highest grossing titles of all time (adjusted, it's the highest grossing animated film of all time) and it continued to do extremely well when theatrically re-released. They had the same attitude towards Fantasia as well, but they finally released that film on video in 1991 and it became the best-selling home video of all time until One Hundred and One Dalmatians hit home video months later. So with that, Disney re-released theatrically one last time and had this begin the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection, replacing The Classics.
- Originally released on October 25, 1994

Fantasia 1991 VHS - One of the only Disney films actually packed in the black clamshell case (not counting the first four releases in the Classics line, and the Limited Gold Editions). The version of the film on this video release was the 1990 50th Anniversary print which added end credits to the film. The cut itself is the same as the 1946 "general release" version, running 120 minutes. This would also be the first release of Disney animated classic that came as a part of a deluxe box set.
- Originally released on November 1, 1991

Old Yeller 2002 VHS - Made a big mistake in the video, accidentally saying it came out in 2004. Not much to say about this one, considering that Old Yeller was one of those titles that didn't go back in the Vault.
- Originally released on May 7, 2002

The Rescuers 1999 VHS - Of course, we all know the controversy surrounding this video release. Oddly enough, the VHS uses the 1989 theatrical re-release version of the film on here. It doesn't open with the Buena Vista logo, but instead the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo. The Buena Vista logo appears at the end, much like it did for the 1991 theatrical re-release of One Hundred and One Dalmatians and very early printings of the 1992 VHS (without the previews that follow).
- Originally released on January 5, 1999, clean version released March 23rd

The Little Mermaid 1998 VHS - The version of the film used on this video release is that of the 1997 theatrical re-release, with some minor alterations to the end credits plus the priest's knee altered since that also caused a lot of controversy.
- Originally released on March 31, 1998

The Secret of NIMH 1994 VHS - Not much to comment on here, as the film had been released on home video twice before this was released. In fact, there were plans to theatrically re-release it sometime in the late 1980s. If that happened, maybe the film would've gotten more popularity.

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