Monday, August 27, 2012

The Next Re-release

Of course, we all know that Monsters, Inc.'s 3D re-release has been moved forward to December 19th. It was originally scheduled for release on January 18th. Currently, the next 3D re-release is The Little Mermaid, which is penciled for a September 13, 2013 release. Perhaps Disney can re-release something for January 2013, or maybe February or March.

What could they possibly re-release? Or better yet, will they even convert said film to 3D in such a short timeframe? Or not? Maybe they can convert something for the summer, that's also a possibility. What could they release though? A lot of people seem to be clamoring a 3D re-release of Aladdin, which would actually make sense since the Diamond Edition Blu-ray is coming and the fact that it is still a very popular film from the Disney canon. Since we don't know much about the upcoming Blu-ray release or anything else, it's unknown if Disney is converting Aladdin to 3D, will convert it, or not.

Anyways, what Disney animated classic would you like to see return to theaters? What Pixar film would you like to re-experience in theaters? Also, do you want Disney to continue re-releasing films without converting them to 3D? I sure would, as I ranted about this before. Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King's 3D conversions were experiments, and the latter actually boasted impressive 3D. (Haven't seen the 3D re-release of Beauty and the Beast, sadly.) Do you think they should continue re-releasing them in 3D? Fire away!

Personally, my first choices would be the first five Disney animated films, but NOT in 3D.


  1. I'd enjoy seeing WALL-E on the big screen again, despite the fact that I already did see it four times during its original run in theaters. I also think that it would be a particularly neat film to see in 3D.

  2. Also, completely off topic here, but I was wondering, have you seen ParaNorman yet?

    1. I haven't seen "ParaNorman", but I plan on catching it this weekend. I'd love to see an IMAX re-issue of "WALL-E". To me, that's the perfect Pixar film to show in IMAX.

  3. I would love to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame getting a re-release in 3D!