Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Diamonds?

This should be the cover
artwork for the Blu-ray release.

Last month, I discussed the future of Disney's home media output, and how they have dropped two titles (Pinocchio and One Hundred and One Dalmatians) from the Platinum/Diamond line. Not too long ago, and an insert that's probably going to be with the Cinderella Blu-ray confirms that Peter Pan will be the next Diamond Edition. It'll be released on February 5, 2013, just in time for the film's 60th anniversary, which the insert oddly doesn't even mention.

Now, what about Aladdin? That was originally scheduled for a February/March 2013 release. Perhaps Disney will release both Diamond Editions the same day. It makes sense, since Disney is phasing out the Diamond line. Perhaps they will release two titles the same day in order to get them out quicker? Many people complain about the vault and having to wait, but perhaps Disney releasing two in one day will somewhat make up for this.

Maybe not, apparently there's no insert mentioning Aladdin. Aladdin wasn't on the original press release announcing the Diamond line, but it was announced as the early 2013 Diamond title on the Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition Blu-ray. What is going on, Disney?

If Disney ends up releasing Peter Pan and Aladdin at the same time (that is, if Aladdin remains a Diamond title), then what will accompany the October 2013 Blu-ray release of The Little Mermaid? The Jungle Book, since that's still a Diamond Edition. Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio are already on Blu-ray, so no fuss there.

With Dalmatians out in Europe, it'll hit Blu-ray stateside sooner, most likely sometime next spring or summer. The Peter Pan Blu-ray is coming out in Europe in November. (For example, the UK gets it on November 5th) This is probably why we are getting it, but the announcement seems rather abrupt. Disney certainly is making some different decisions here, but with the advent of their All Access plans (didn't they change the name of that?), the vault strategy may be revised or left unchanged.

What do you think they'll end up doing with the Diamond line?

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