Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Animated Race

Yesterday, 21 titles have been confirmed for this year's animation Oscar race. Though I'll always be against the idea of "Best Animated Feature" (an animated feature is a motion picture, don't separate it from live action), this is actually the fun part: Predicting!

With twenty-one films, that means there will be five slots for Best Animated Feature. There is also a possibility that one of these films may get nominated for Best Picture (that should have happened last year with Rango), so it will be interesting given this year's batch.

The Players:
Adventures in Zambezia
A South African computer animated film, also simply known as Zambezia. The film debuted earlier this year in South Africa, but no stateside release is planned yet. I have a feeling this one will have a limited run just in time for the Oscars. I believe, though, it'll have a very small chance at getting nominated.

This one has a big chance at getting nominated, being a Pixar film and the fact that it got good critical reception. Cars 2 was left out, but we all know why. This'll be nominated.

Delhi Safari
An Indian computer animated feature that apparently got some good reception at film festivals. The film opens here in the states on December 7th. Like Zambezia, I don't think this one has much of a chance though it is said to be a good film.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Environmental themes aside, this probably won't get nominated.

Being a well-received Tim Burton film, this has a great chance at getting nominated.

From Up on Poppy Hill
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son Goro Miyazaki (Tales from Earthsea), this 2011 Studio Ghibli production has a good chance though Ponyo was not nominated in 2009. It could surprise, you never know. The film will be given a limited run in the US on March 15th.

Hey Krishna
Another Indian animated feature. Has a slight chance.

Hotel Transylvania
This one probably won't get nominated, since this film is more of silly fun comedy than anything.

Ice Age: Continental Drift
Definitely not getting nominated.

A Liar's Autobiography - The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
Not sure about this one, though it is very interesting visually.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
This one has a decent chance, being a well-received film and one that did make quite a splash at the Cannes Film Festival though it may not be one of the finalists.

The Mystical Law
A Japanese animated film. Not sure if this one has much of a chance.

The Painting
A 2011 French animated film. Like A Cat in Paris, this may have a very good chance.

This will definitely be nominated. If it isn't, there will be an uproar amongst most animation fans.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Aardman's Arthur Christmas didn't get nominated last year (though it should have been nominated), I can't see this one making the cut either. It does have a chance, though.

The Rabbi's Cat
A French/Austrian animated film released a year ago. This one has a chance at getting nominated, just as much as The Painting.

Rise of the Guardians
Has a great chance, unless it gets mixed-to-negative reviews. Still, I can see it getting nominated.

Secret of the Wings
Why is this even qualifying? It's another Tinker Bell direct-to-video movie. I mean, doesn't Disney realize that something like this will never get nominated?

Walter & Tandoori's Christmas
Apparently this is based on animated television series, and this one also came out last year. I can't see this one getting nominated.

Wreck-It Ralph
Personally, I'd like this one to take home the Oscar. It's definitely getting nominated.

A French/Belgian animated film. This one has a slight chance.

Anyways, here's my early prediction:
The Painting
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck-It Ralph

What's your prediction? Sound off!

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