Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sequel Problem

Not too long ago, a trailer for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Disney's Mulan has made the waves. Notice anything... Different about it?

The trailer states "Also available - Mulan II", implying that the film's direct to video sequel from 2004 is getting a separate release around the same time.

Disney's home entertainment division has recently been pairing their not-so-successful animated films with their direct-to-video sequels on Blu-ray, without giving consumers a choice to buy the first film on its own. This has angered several Disney fans, including myself, while others don't see the big deal about it. I have ranted about this before, so I'll keep the flames at bay. This trailer does make me wonder though, is Disney going to do away with the bundles? Or are they going us consumers a choice?

Don Hahn's comments on his Facebook have contradicted this, as he confirmed that the upcoming Blu-ray releases of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis: The Lost Empire will be packaged with the sequels. But... Why would Mulan be an exception? Why would the trailer say "also available"? To me, that says it'll be available separately. If Mulan II was in fact part of the set, wouldn't the trailer excitedly show clips from both and say "Mulan and Mulan II, coming to Disney Blu-ray"?

Mulan and Mushu don't approve of low quality
direct-to-video sequels...

Personally, if they were to axe the sequel bundles, I'd be satisfied. The decision to package The Fox and the Hound and Pocahontas with the dreadful direct to video sequels caused quite a backlash, and rightfully so. Maybe Disney got wind of this? Who knows, but this trailer is very vague about the whole sequel issue. Maybe we'll find out later come next year...

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  1. I hate that they are packaging the sequels with the movies, I still haven't gotten Pocahontas because of it. But I really think that they will release these 2 separately. I don't know what makes Mulan so special compared to others, but at least it's a start.