Friday, December 21, 2012

"Planes" Flies To Theaters

Originally announced as a direct-to-video release, the DisneyToon-produced Cars spin-off Planes is now getting a theatrical release on August 9, 2013. I was initially alright with Disney doing this, without having Pixar's name on it, but why a theatrical release?

Do they really think that this spin-off (that's most likely directed at kids only, like any Disney direct-to-video sequel) will be a box office success? I remember when Disney gave two of their direct-to-video sequels a theatrical release in the domestic market: Return to Neverland in 2002 and The Jungle Book 2 in 2003. Both did poorly at the box office (yes they made their budget, but still didn't make much of a mark), because, who but kids wanted to see a direct-to-video quality sequel in theaters? I feel the same may happen with Planes.

Anyway, the only other possible problem is that people who aren't in the know might mistake this for a Pixar release. A lot of casual moviegoers still refer to most computer animated films as Pixar films, even if they've seen them and saw the logos before them. They may think Planes is Pixar as well. Pixar's name was already blemished by Cars 2 (or more appropriately, the criticism it got), so I'm hoping this doesn't add to that.


  1. Ok really?! Does Disney ENJOY ruining Pixar's perfect name?!

  2. I'm a big fan of Cars, I love it more than any other Pixar film! But I admit, this movie shouldn't have a theatrical relese. I hope it's sequel (yes, a sequel to this film is in the works) will not get a release date.

    1. What makes this film any different than the ones that come to theaters... the artist still work hard to make these films and honestly cars2 was superior to cars in my opinion... planes is bound to be a good movie if people only give it a fighting chance, I mean toy story 2 was meant to be a dtv sequel and it did better than its predocessor

  3. Why...why couldn't it just go direct-to-video...this is going to be catastrophic.

  4. Ben, Disney has not ruined Pixar , Pixars name is only blemished by the words of so called fans who whine and complain over things like Cars 2 and Brave... it is the constant complaints of how Pixar is loosing its touch... I think Pixar is having a field day with making sequels to their films when they banished the Disney sequels .... personally I love all pixar films and shorts along with Disney animated features and their sequels no matter how cheap they looked in the beginning. If it keeps an artist in work that I am all for sequels and direct to video films, sure theyre not Oscar worthy but at times they are quite enjoyable at times. Some of my personal favorites are Cinderella 2 and 3. Little Mermaid 2 and 3 and Tarzan 2, I enjoy them all even the ones that are not great

  5. Not really surprised that "Planes" got a theatrical release. Disney must feel pleased with its quality of work so far. I think i'll be okay with this if it turns out to be like the Tinkerbell movies in terms of animation. Prana has turned out the best animation to emerge from India, so no doubt this will continue with "Planes". If this trend continues with future sequels to this (or "Cars") from DTS or Prana, it'll be a win-win situation all around and Disney could use this money to fund future projects for their in-house studio.

    This decision, however, reminds me of what they did with "Doug's First Movie" back in 1998 I believe.