Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pixar, Pixar, Pixar...

It's that time again. Pixar revealed quite a few things...

It's always big news when Pixar reveals a tiny smidgen of what they have in the works, but just in time for the new year, they gave us one piece of concept art each for three of their upcoming features: Bob Peterson's The Good Dinosaur (opening May 30, 2014), Pete Docter's "Inside the Mind"/Inside Out project (opening June 19, 2015) and Lee Unkrich's "Dia De Los Muertos" film (which I assume will hit theaters in summer 2016).

Beautiful... Just beautiful... The Good Dinosaur's piece is very minimal, but the lighting and use of color is gorgeous. I can already see a Pixar-esque shape and design for the dinosaur, despite the fact that it's only a silhouette. Like I've speculated before, it seems like the film will in fact focus on the boy and the apatosaur that first showed up in one of the Up B-roll videos back in 2009.

The "Inside the Mind" artwork gives us a glimpse at what the film's characters may end up looking like, and so far, I'm beyond impressed. After all, this is Pixar. Also, the drawing proves that the idea is pure Pete Docter at its finest.

The "Dia De Los Muertos" piece is the most stylized here, and again, excellent use of color to give it the appropriate mood. Already looking great! Who is the man in the photo? Will he be a main character in the story? Or not?

Pixar also treated us to this nice slice of Monsters University, another faux-ad for the titular campus...

Even though this clip is no longer than 30 seconds, it shows just how stunning and elaborate this production will be. If I could go to MU, I would!

Last but not least, more breathtaking concept artwork has been revealed for Gary Rydstrom's shelved feature film directorial debut Newt. It's almost like a sneaky message, as if they are quietly saying, "It's coming... It's coming... We still need time to iron out the problems!"

Almost everyone I know pretty much wants Pixar to end up making this film a reality. I have a feeling they will, no idea ever went away for good at Pixar. One thing is for certain though, that concept artwork shows that the film had a ton of potential. I'm curious, what were the story problems that halted this film? That's not all of it either, there's even more on the German-language Pixar Blog.

Pixar certainly gave us our fix for the beginning of the new year. I'm psyched to see more in the coming months!


  1. I think they didn't want to release this movie too soon after Rio. I think that was a smart move!

  2. The girl in The Inside Out reminds me of a piece of Ellie art by Ronnie del Carmen! I'm so excited I could burst.
    And the Newt concept art is breathtaking, as you said. I love the colors and the style. I seriously hope this one does make it to theaters.

  3. I do hope that this is a sign that Newt is back in production. If that's true, then it's probably the untitled film that's set to be released November 2015.

    1. I don't think it'll be the Nov. 2015 film, because if it was, I think they'd flat out tell us that "Newt" was indeed making a comeback. But you never know. Maybe Pixar wants to surprise us.

  4. Now I have no idea why they cancelled Newt. Yeah, the story is a bit similar to Rio, but it looks totally different in every other aspect from Rio. If they're still making it, I'm guessing they will release it after Dia de los Muertos (aka 2017).

  5. Those all look lovely. I really hope Newt happens, the art is just stunning and that's what makes Pixar great!