Thursday, January 17, 2013

Return to the Jungle?

Given some of the talk on's forums and the BBFC's recent classification of a trailer, it appears that The Jungle Book will be getting the Diamond Edition treatment sometime soon!

The Jungle Book, despite many warts in the story, is a personal favorite of mine and the Platinum Edition DVD from 2007 certainly did the title justice in the bonus features department. The aspect ratio choice was questionable, leaving a lot of fans who were used to previous versions (presented in 1.33:1) upset. My biggest problem with the DVD was the audio mix that was created for it; a few pieces of the score were missing for some strange reason. It's no different from the missing "Right!" that Jiminy Cricket shouts on the Platinum Edition of Pinocchio.

The question is, of course, when will it come out?

Personally, I'm thinking early 2014. With The Little Mermaid still on track for a fall 2013 release, this seems like the logical choice for that release slot. The classification says it's a Diamond Edition in the UK, so we know that it hasn't been dropped from the line over there unlike Peter Pan and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. UK Diamond Editions always come out around the same time as the US ones, so it won't be a case where Europe gets it months before we do. But... Here's one thing? Why has the trailer been approved so early? It almost implies that will come out this year in the UK. What about The Little Mermaid? Is that still a Diamond title in the UK?

What do you think?

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