Friday, February 1, 2013

"Frozen" Character Reveals (Fake)

Read No Further: These posters have been confirmed to be fake, courtesy of a Walt Disney Animation Studios visual development trainee.

Update (1/14/2014): This post, for some reason, keeps showing up in the "popular posts" section. Why? This is OLD news! These thoughts were "at the time" thoughts, they're irrelevant now that the film has been out for months. I guess some out there like seeing people's old thoughts on Frozen when these fake posters came out…

(Oh and really? I thought Elsa was the villain back then? I guess that's what happens when you avoid juicy plot details for fear of spoilers…)

It looks like Disney is finally getting the ball rolling for the marketing of Walt Disney Animation Studios' next release, Frozen... In Argentina. Today, three posters were sighted here.

First off, I like the color scheme they are going for. Given the setting and the title, it's appropriate. We don't get much in terms of the set design, they take a back seat to the rather distracting snowflake designs and such. The designs of the two characters, however, don't inspire much confidence for me... Yet.

Anna, like many have pointed out, is almost a dead ringer for Rapunzel in Tangled. The big eyes and overall design pretty much seal the deal, but that isn't bothering me. The character is appealing enough. I don't like the design of Elsa, the film's villain, the bitter and evil Snow Queen. I was expecting something more menacing and villain-like, she doesn't really look it. The hair is odd too. The character just looks... Off...

But then again, promo artwork for animated films is usually bad. The character poses make them seem what they are not, maybe Elsa will end up looking great in this film. Maybe... Maybe not...

Now I want to get one thing out the way, and hear me out: This film could very well blow me away when it comes out, and I have a great feeling it might. The reason I'm not too fond of the two character designs is because from Meet the Robinsons to Wreck-It Ralph (not counting Winnie the Pooh), each film had its own set of unique character designs. The ones in Bolt are different from Robinsons, and Tangled's are different from Ralph's and so on. Some share similarities, but they all have a distinct look. If Frozen's cast looks like too much like Tangled's, that wouldn't annoy me per se, I would just be wishing that Disney would've tried a different style instead returning to one that they already used. There were times were when Disney used the same set of character designs for their films (the early-to-mid 1950s films come to mind), but since they had different designs for each film in the last six years, I was just hoping for something completely different.

Other than the character designs, I'm just worried that Disney will try to repeat what made Tangled a success with this film. Now don't me wrong, I don't dislike Tangled. As a film, I think it's flawed and not the masterpiece that some claim it is, but I love it despite all its problems. That being said, I don't want Frozen to be just like that. I want it to be different in tone, style and story. Disney Animation destroyed itself by repeating themselves (well that was mostly the fault of executives), I don't want that to happen again.

... And maybe it won't. Tangled isn't a rehash of The Princess of the Frog, and rightfully so. I'm hoping that this will not be a rehash of Tangled. Plus, no modern slang dialogue. Leave that out, guys.

With these posters making their debut, does this mean that we'll be getting a teaser soon? I sure hope so.


What do you think of these posters? Do you like them? Do you think they are underwhelming? Sound off!


  1. Actually, if you read all the way down on your source, you will notice that the character models are official!! The posters are fake but these characters are the real deal. Check out my post about if for the full report!

    1. Yes, I uncovered that information earlier. Hopefully they'll look better in the trailers and other promos.