Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toy Story Faux

What is the deal with all of these rumors of a fourth Toy Story film? First there were a few reports saying that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were behind it, Hanks himself fumbled and said that Pixar was already working on the film in 2011, then John Lasseter himself sort of implied that it was going to happen, IMDb had it listed for a 2015 release at the time and... Let's not forget last summer when the rumors of a sequel to Finding Nemo popped up. Out of nowhere, a fourth Toy Story was announced by different sites... Not Disney or Pixar themselves. Unfortunately, the news spread like wildfire.

Now all of a sudden, the rumored sequel came back. However, Disney denied that a fourth film was in the works. Colombian website Terra broke the news earlier today after a radio executive tweeted it, only to remove the article hours later. They claimed that Disney and Pixar did confirm it, but without any sources backing it up. They also mentioned that the film would hit theaters in 2015. Apparently they forgot that Pixar already has two original films coming out that year: Pete Docter's The Inside Out and an untitled film. There are two more original films in the works as well, so you won't be seeing a fourth Toy Story any time soon.

These rumors of a fourth installment to Pixar's classic series just won't go away... But why? Finding Nemo's heavily rumored sequel was half-confirmed, so does this mean that one will happen? Or will Pixar leave the series alone when it comes to feature films? It's well-known in the animation community that the only Toy Story-related releases coming out are two television specials and more Toy Story Toons.

But I have a feeling it's not going to happen, because there have been so many faux announcements. Toy Story 3 is a film that you simply can't make a sequel to in my eyes. The short films and specials are fine because they're harmless and entertaining, they don't really attempt to expand on the story. If Pixar had to make a fourth film (Disney probably wants one, considering that the third installment made $1 billion at the box office and a killing in merchandise sales), they would probably make a prequel or start fresh with a new cast of characters that have nothing to do with Woody, Buzz and the gang. But I just can't see Pixar doing that.

What are your thoughts on all these rumors? Are you fine with a fourth Toy Story? Or do you think it should never ever happen? Sound off below!


  1. Never ever happen. I'm sure Pixar would make it good, but it's never going to even come close to Toy Story 3, so why even bother?

  2. Never. Agree with William, it could never top the third film, which ended the series flawlessly. Why risk ruining one of the greatest trilogies of all time? Pixar know better than that, and Disney should too.