Thursday, April 25, 2013

Final Trailer for "Monsters University"

Well, here it is! The final trailer for Pixar's Monsters University! I don't have much to say here since I've only watched it once and I probably won't give it another view; I feel that some of the stuff in here could be spoilerific. That's not to say you shouldn't watch it, the scenes in question that are presented in this trailer could be mild for all I know.

Anyways, I liked what I saw. With the very positive early screening reviews floating around, I'm expectedly hyped for this film. You all know that I'm still willing to be excited for a Pixar film, two disappointments or not. The trailer gives more details on the main plot. I'm also curious to see what the "Scare Games" will be like.

If you're up for a (potentially) mild spoiler or two, enjoy!

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