Monday, April 15, 2013

Mark Andrews' Next Project

An original and talk of a sequel... Pixar news always brings a surprise or two...

Surely you've heard some of the rumblings about Pixarian Mark Andrews yesterday. Mark Andrews, in case you don't know, is one of the directors of Pixar's Brave. In a controversial move during the production of that film, Pixar had fired Brenda Chapman from directing the film, which was a very personal endeavor for her. Andrews, a man who is trenched in Scottish history, was given the job to direct and finish the film in such a short time frame. Andrews has made the rounds quite a bit lately, from talking about what he wants to do at Pixar (and also, "speed" up their production process) to the production history of Brave. He is also working on a new original project for Pixar.

He couldn't say what it's about or what it'll be called, so all we know is that an original film is under his watch. That makes it the studio's fifth original production that's in the works, after The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, "Dia De Los Muertos" and Teddy Newton's untitled film. I have one theory on this film. Andrews has a very different idea of filmmaking. He is said to not be too fond of most Disney animation, but rather a fan of Japanese anime. Perhaps his new film will be a lot of different from Pixar's past films and perhaps American animated films in general. Maybe he'll essentially make an American "anime" film for the studio. Of course, this is all just speculation. Also, he'll be handling something on his own rather than trying to patch something up that wasn't his from the start. In short, I'm just as excited to hear more about this film as much as Teddy Newton's film.

But the other bit of news concerns a sequel to Brave. However, I think a lot of this Brave sequel business is being blown out of proportion. In the interview, he simply said that Pixar will only do a sequel if there's a good enough story. I for one could do without a Brave follow up. After Finding Dory, I don't want any more Pixar sequels to be honest. I don't hate sequels and I've explained in great detail why I'm not worried about Monsters University or Finding Dory, I just don't want any more Pixar sequels for a long, long while. The other reason why I don't want a Brave sequel is because the first film was Chapman's baby. Having a sequel done without her involvement, since she left Pixar last summer, would just be wrong and would also be a disservice to Chapman. It would also hurt Pixar's image, as the director change alone did enough.

What are your thoughts on Andrews' new original project? What do you think it could be like? Do you think all of this Brave sequel talk is just being blown out of proportion? Or do you think one will actually happen?

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