Friday, April 26, 2013

The Return of the Mouse

Despite what's been going on with corporate Disney and Walt Disney Animation Studios (particularly the layoffs) as of late, there's still a lot great things coming our way. In addition to the exciting leaked Frozen footage, Disney is preparing... A new hand-drawn Mickey Mouse short done in black-and-white. The title?

It features Mickey and Minnie, of course, but with Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow. You barely see them around these days! It'll feature Walt Disney's own vocals, another plus! What's it about? The four are on a musical wagon ride that Peg-Leg Pete plans to sabotage. Definitely classic Mickey & Friends in every sense; Disney is implying that it's a buried treasure, a long-lost Mickey short that's being reconstructed. But in all reality, this is most likely a new short. It's possible that Walt planned this and the studio got as far as recording the vocals, but I don't think this is the case.

But that's not all... This short is premiering at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 11th. What premiered there last year? Paperman! You know what this means...

Yes, having this attached to Frozen would make for a phenomenal double bill. Paperman was definitely worth the price of admission, and Disney was very very smart to attach that groundbreaking short subject to a film that was destined to be a box office hit. Disney ought to do the same for this new hand-drawn short. It's not updated or modernized, it's done in the style of the earlier shorts. Also, marketing for Frozen should make it clear that a brand new Mickey Mouse short film will be attached to it. This is the characters' first full short subject since 1995's Runaway Brain.

All I can say is this... It's about damn time!


  1. So much for Disney being done with handdrawn animation. As usual, the media was spinning it out of control. Again.

    1. Though this short was probably finished before the lay-offs, I'm at least a little more hopeful for the future of Disney hand-drawn animation and their studio as a whole. (Still, I feel bad that a lot of the veterans aren't there anymore. Hopefully Disney rehires them.) "Frozen" really needs to be a success now. Disney better go full steam ahead with the marketing soon.

    2. I have no real doubt that "Frozen" will be a success. After all, the public is responding better to Disney films today than in the post-Eisner period of 2004-2009. (Cases in point: "Tangled" and "Wreck It Ralph"'s successes.

    3. It's almost as if they assume that it'll do well from the get-go and they don't see the need to market it now. I remember there was some marketing for "Tangled" even before the teaser and the poster debuted, but "Frozen"? Just concept art and details on the plot and crew. Hopefully we'll get something soon, but I think it is a guaranteed hit no matter how late the marketing arrives. I just hope it outgrosses "Tangled" and really makes a mark at the box office.

  2. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. Hopefully if Frozen (along with this short) is a success, this will persuade Disney to start production on that Mickey, Donald, & Goofy film ida Burny Mattinson came up with back in 2011.