Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uh Oh... Another Sequel?

Looks like Pixar might have another sequel in their pipeline... Or maybe not!

Yes, you read that right. Apparently Bleeding Cool got the word on it earlier today. The excerpt from what Disney CEO Bob Iger said during the stockholders conference that they provided seems to imply that one is indeed happening...

"On the animation front, Pixar continues to create great value for our company too. We are very excited about Monsters University which opens next month. Pixar’s slate of films for the next five years includes fantastic original stories as well as some great sequels to their previous hits. And as we recently announced, we are in production on one of those sequels, Finding Dory, featuring Ellen DeGeneres once again as the voice of Dory, one of the most beloved characters from Finding Nemo which was one of the most popular and profitable movies to date."

So... What will it be? Here, to me, are the three potential candidates.

Toy Story 4: Please no... Given how many times it's been rumored and the fact that the franchise is expanding through shorts/specials, I'm afraid this *might* happen. Unless it's a story about a whole new set of toys unrelated to the Andy's Room gang or a prequel, then I won't be interested. Not in the slightest. I know this may sound biased but... You can't top that finale, you just CAN'T. (Or as Woody would put it, "Can't, can't, caaaaaaaaan't!") It should be a Commandment - "Thou shall not maketh 'Toy Story 4'!"

The Incredibles 2: It'll only happen if Brad Bird wants to do it, and he may not in the far future since he's working hard on Tomorrowland for Disney and presumably something like 1906 afterwards. It's the one Pixar sequel that everyone wants, too. If he says one is happening, I'll be game for it. I trust Mr. Bird!

Cars 3: Very, very plausible since the franchise is huge and ever-expanding now with the DisneyToon-produced Planes series on the way. Also, it wouldn't hurt since Cars 2 got negative reception and started all this "Pixar is dead/dying/taken over by Disney" crap. A third one won't hurt since many view the second one (and the first one to some extent) in a bad light, so people will just separate it from the Pixar pool. I wouldn't mind if this one gets made, because it'll make the bean counters happy meanwhile an original film doesn't possibly get stained with a possibly bad sequel. Totally okay with a Cars 3 happening.

As for the rest of Pixar's films? Nada. A Bug's Life? Forget about it, that'll never happen. Ratatouille - like The Incredibles - was a Brad Bird film and again, a sequel will only happen if he wants to do one. WALL-E and Up? Nope, not by a long shot. Brave? Sure Mark Andrews said they'll do one if they have a good idea, that doesn't mean they'll do it. He has an original project in the works that should be out in theaters after 2017, so no Brave 2.

If it's Cars 3, I'll be fine. A Brad Bird-helmed Incredibles sequel? Also good. If it's Toy Story 4, I'll be upset unless the film gets stellar reviews and is called a masterpiece. I doubt that Pixar would make a fourth one though, because that trilogy is so special. It's also possible that Iger made a mistake, after all he did say that he didn't know of any hand-drawn films that were in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Maybe he thought another sequel was in production. Maybe all this will be moot in a matter of days or months, and that it turns out that no Pixar sequel is in the works at all.

What's your take? A mistake? Or is Pixar ramping up another sequel? What do you think it could be? Sound off below!


  1. As usual, I think Iger is taking a guess on what's happy with both the Disney and Pixar animation studios (the latter being one of his main focuses these days).

  2. Maybe Iger counted Monsters University in these upcoming films batch, I dunno.

    I agree, Toy Story 4 shouldn't happen, given how very few films...heck, I don't even remember any franchise whose 4th film was (as) good (as the previous titles). And since Toy Story 3 was a really strong one (even though the whole dumpfield part ruined the whole movie for me), a 4th one would never ever EVER top it up, unless some kind of miracle happens. Besides, Toy Story always meant to be a trilogy for me ever since Toy Story 2. Maybe a prequel could work (Woody's Round-Up, anyone? Nah, just kidding...but, now that I mention it...meeting another Woody in a decade earlier than Toy Story 1...hmm...I'll be at the corner of my room while having deep thoughts...)

    Incredibles 2, yeah, it will not happen very soon, unless Mr. Bird puts 1906 on hold, but I doubt if he will do that.

    Cars 3? F*** YEAH, I'm a huge fan of Cars 1 and 2, I'm totally down for that!

    I wonder if any of the upcoming movies will have a story that can be expanded later...

    And now, back to the corner (hmm...the 80s had awesome toys Woody could meet...but what about the 70s...)

  3. Agree with you about Toy Story 4, it should not be made, but I don't think it will be anyway.

    Incredibles 2 I think will happen eventually. Maybe not just now, but I think we'll see it someday. After all, Brad Bird did just say in an interview that he's been "stroking [his] chin" thinking about a sequel, so here's hoping it happens soon.

    I'm totally in for Cars 3 - the first two movies don't deserve all the hate they get, and if done right a third movie could fix the franchise's reputation.

    I think this may all be a big misunderstanding anyway, so I guess we'll see.

  4. I hate to say this, but Pixar might now be on a downward spiral of some sort, ever since "Cars 2" was released. I mention this on one of my vlog-type videos (I am wileyk209zback on YouTube, you might know me from there.)
    I am also the only person I know that did not like "Finding Nemo." (It was more DreamWorks-esque to me, and it partly helped make the Looney Tunes unpopular in 2003-2004 by overshadowing their more superior "Back in Action" movie in popularity.)