Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's finally here folks, the teaser trailer to Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen! Chances are, you probably already saw it, but... Here it is!

Surprisingly enough - well to me, at least - this teaser seems to be very, very divisive. Some think it's a cute, hilarious little teaser. I certainly thought so. Others really dislike it, criticizing it for many things - one criticism being that it is too much like the Ice Age teasers that focus on Scrat. Others may have been let down simply because it doesn't feature the leads... Well, I saw that coming so I can't complain myself. Some don't like the fact that the reindeer Sven is too much like Tangled's Maximus. Okay, I can see why some would be upset because the idea of this character is essentially a repeat of what made that character hilarious. I too was worried that this film would be a rehash of that 2010 film, and yes Sven is a little too much like Maximus except he has a different attitude. But Olaf is no Pascal, and the two are definitely going to interact in different ways, so I didn't have a problem with that. Others just simply dislike it, to the point where they are writing off the whole film...

Ummm, it's a teaser! It's very likely that none of this footage will even be in the finished film. Olaf and Sven could very well be hilarious in the final product, supposedly they aren't annoying comic relief sidekicks (some people were lucky to see a screening recently) and they do add to the story. That's all I'm looking for, and the slapstick between the two made me laugh. I'm sure it'll make audiences of non-animation fanatics laugh too, because most of the marketing for these films cater to them anyway. (No matter how bad it may be to us.)

But I'm just baffled at the fact that some people are already not looking forward to the film simply because of this teaser. Does anyone remember Tangled's wretched teaser? I remember cringing at what I saw on the hot night of June 18th in 2010, waiting for Toy Story 3 to unspool before my eyes. Lots of people hated it, from the Shrek-esque dialogue to the seemingly cynical attitude. Oh, and Rapunzel's hair beating up Flynn Rider as if it were alive? And this teaser is making people not want to see this film? I'm sorry, but I think that's unfair. If anything, the Tangled marketing as a whole should've taught us all a lesson... Never trust marketing that much! Also, let's not forget a lot of bad/meh Pixar teasers that make the films look lame. Finding Nemo, Cars and Ratatouille, anyone?

Anyways, I give props to the marketers for actually putting "From the creators of Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph" in the trailer, at the beginning no less! It's about damn time, too, because people confuse the two studios. Disney marketing needs to separate Disney Animation from Pixar and make their work stand out, seem unique and make it look like it's worth seeing. Some of us may not like this teaser, but it's going to work in the long run. People will be hooked.

If there's one little gripe I had with the teaser, it's that it doesn't really show how beautiful this film will look since we only got an icy lake and the surrounding tundra. It's pretty enough, but I would've liked to have seen more. That's just me, though. I also predict (this will probably be obvious) that the marketing will hide the fact that this is a musical and it may focus on action/humor only.

What did you think of this teaser? Good? Horrible beyond belief? Hilarious? Meh? Sound off below!


  1. I was surprised at how much I like it. I really wanted a real trailer with actual footage from the film but this little teaser was awesome IMO. Seriously, it if wasn't for the fact that we know it was a teaser, it could easily come off as a sweet little short film.

  2. I liked it, but I too had the "Scrat from 'Ice Age'" feel as well.I am excited for the next trailer to come out and I am excited to see this one on the big screen as it precedes "Monsters University" (minus the short film we will see in between)

  3. It's Good to me. Like Tangled, you have the best of both words; it has the warmth of hand-drawn animated with the dimensions and depth of CGI. Another difference? When it comes to CG works, Disney at least has the guts to differenciate its CG movies works from other computer-animation studios such as DreamWorks and Blue Sky.

  4. I remember when I saw the first trailer for POCAHONTAS. I hated it. I thought it looked so disappointing. It was "Colors of the Wind," and it just looked New Agey and preachy, didn't have a lot of plot in it.

    When the movie opened, I loved it. It's my favorite animated movie and my favorite Disney movie; it may even be my favorite movie. Lesson learned.

    I wasn't thrilled with the FROZEN trailer, but that's because I was wanting to see something meaningful from the movie. My lack of excitement was more about what it was not rather than what it was. I'm still excited for the movie.

  5. I read in some Disney Wiki article that Esla is no longer the main villain of this movie, but rather someone much more sinister and threatening, like a troll or Satanic figure. As much as this film will probably succeed in the box office, I hope the final villain ends up being just as awesome as past Disney villains (Scar, Frollo, Ursula) and even some non-Disney villains (Rasputin, Hexxus, Tzekel-Kan). Also, I hope the villain song will sound as deep and booming as a villain's voice should be.