Friday, July 12, 2013

A Soaring Teaser

After months and months of waiting and seeing leaked images that were unfortunately pulled, we finally got a teaser for DreamWorks' hugely anticipated sequel to one of their best films... How To Train Your Dragon 2!

This teaser, simply put, is great. It gets fans and audiences alike pumped up for this sequel, as it seems like it is going to surpass the already impressive original. It packs the thrills, showing a great flight sequence that in many ways shows what's in store for us. More epic action will certainly be present, and an equally amazing score from John Powell. The teaser hints at how much bigger the story will be, if the plot synopsis alone didn't...

It's also interesting to note that DreamWorks has kicked off the campaign for this film first, and not the film that's coming out before it... Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Of course, they're probably doing this because the world is looking forward to this potential smash more than a film based on a classic cartoon. Smart move on DreamWorks' part, getting it out so early.

What do you think of the teaser?

By the way, does the lack of a title in this trailer (regardless of the fact that it's labelled How To Train Your Dragon 2 Teaser Trailer by DreamWorks' YouTube channel) imply that this film won't be called How To Train Your Dragon 2? After all, when Fox unveiled their full 2013-2018 animation slate, they put [working title] next to this film... Hmmmmmm...

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