Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Ice To Thaw

Us Americans will have to wait till September to see the full trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen, but across the Pacific, folks in Japan got an actual taste of the studio's 53rd feature...

It isn't a trailer, though, but rather a very good first look at the actual footage from the film that's very reminiscent of the moving concept art-like footage we saw over a month ago - footage that was leaked and the immediately pulled!

Never mind the awkward editing and the ratio of the announcer speaking to the trailer audio, this footage is absolutely gorgeous. It's good to know that it focuses more on Anna and Elsa than the fun comic relief sidekicks that were the spotlight of the divisive teaser. Again, I'm happy to see Disney trying to differentiate their computer animation from Pixar's, aiming for a painterly look that was experimented with in both Bolt and Tangled. It has a warm traditional animation feel to it, and it should look even better in the finished film. Meanwhile, their Emeryville comrades are achieving perfecting a look that's photoreal but it doesn't feel too, too real... It feels "just right". See Monsters University to get that feeling.

If there's one gripe I had, it was the design of the troll-like snow creature that Anna and Kristoff encounter... Seemed a little goofy-looking as opposed to menacing and intimidating. Is that what the mythical trolls mentioned in the synopsis are going to look like? The tone, as usual, is unlike many American trailers for animated films. No chaotic frenetic wackiness or constant jokes. It shows us hints of a more dramatic angle of the story and lots of action, as this is shaping up to be a really action-packed adventure.

Too bad Japan has to wait so long for it... Film companies, especially Disney, really need to stop waiting for many months to release a big film in another country. You know... That could avert piracy in some ways. Just saying...

What are your thoughts on the footage? Sound off below!

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  1. Disney fans in Japan are like hardcore anime fans here in the States, they like to pirate that kind of stuff before it even hits their country. LOL