Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The (Brief) Unveiling...

Well unfortunately, yesterday's exciting Walt Disney Animation Studios news had to be taken down. Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney broke the news last night concerning titles and plot details for three of the four untitled upcoming films that are being released between March 2016 and November 2018.

/Film posted the information shortly after Honor had to pull the original Blue Sky Disney article. Honor had to pull his article because The Walt Disney Company requested him to do so, and they had /Film take down their article. A real bummer...

Just like how DreamWorks Animation had the first images of How To Train Your Dragon 2 pulled, Disney felt the need to conceal this news from us... But we all know the details!

There's no need to pull them at this rate. That goes for you too, DreamWorks! Everyone has seen the Dragon 2 images and have gone gaga over them. Likewise, people have gone nuts (in a good way) over this Disney animation news, and it's only drummed up more excitement for their upcoming slate. I mean, there was already a lot of excitement over Frozen and Big Hero 6, but this piece of news only told us how awesome Disney Animation's upcoming slate of films is going to be. People need to get more excited about their future, and this news did just that!

Hopefully we'll get official announcements on these great new projects over the next couple of months, or maybe at D23... and maybe something on Pixar's untitled mystery films! Of course, we all can say... "Um... We knew that for months..."

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