Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Facepalm-Worthy Move

This news has made the rounds lately. Disney is re-releasing The Little Mermaid in select theaters on September 20th, but this re-release is a "Live Second Screen" event...

Second Screen, in case you did not know, is an iPad app that Disney designed for the Blu-rays of their films so you can view behind-the-scenes content while watching one of the films. It's an okay novelty for an at-home bonus feature, though personally, I prefer to have all the bonus materials on the disc. I don't want to have to use my iPad to look at bonuses that should have been on the discs.

Anyhoo, this release is one of the stupidest and most inane decisions that Disney has ever made... You canceled the wide theatrical re-release of this hand-drawn animated classic that everyone wants to see on the big screen again... For this?!

No... Just, no...

The idea is just idiotic. People using their mobile devices in theaters is bad enough, why condone the use of iPads during a film screening? Why would you want to attend a screening of The Little Mermaid to not watch it, but to just play stupid games and look at stuff on your iPad? What... The... Hell? Plus, there's watching. It's talking and playing with your iPad. Sounds like fun, right? Right?!

Here you've got a true Disney classic, it's hand-drawn and we don't see much of that on the big screen anymore, and you're putting this film on the big screen for the first time in over 15 years... And this is what you do?!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

And don't get me started on theaters wanting to change the moviegoing experience, by having movies be more "interactive". What ever happened to sitting down in a theater and watching a damn film? Disney... Why do you have to give into this growing trend that shouldn't even be a thing? This is going to kill the very essence of cinema, and in the meantime, you are throwing a wonderful animated classic under the bus.

And to think that this film was going to get a proper theatrical re-release this coming Friday...


  1. Well, I think nobody's really going to use their iPads during this screening, at least not in my area.

  2. I commend them for that. Imagine everyone showing up to all the screenings without iPads, just to watch the film and nothing more.

  3. Don't worry, they don't do this all the time. They're a major corporation, and big companies don't make the smartest of business decisions sometimes.