Friday, September 20, 2013

DreamWorks Goes Blue

The newly-announced DreamWorks Animation film may make you think "Seriously?" at first...

In celebration of the recent influx of a certain species of birds flying to Southern California's shores, DreamWorks has announced an animated comedy about...

Wait for it...

Blue-footed boobies...

Say whaaaaaa?

To be directed by long-time family film writer/director and DreamWorks stalwart Karey Kirkpatrick, this currently untitled film will be about a not-so-bright blue-footed booby who learns that the size of his heart matters, not the size of his brain.

This sounds like something they would've cooked up in the early 2000s, their "bad boy" days where they wanted to be the edgy ones, the anti-Disney with their snark, innuendos and pop culture references. The writers are obviously going to take advantage of the name of this species, or maybe not.

Anyways, blue-footed boobies are very interesting-looking birds, and they're ripe for great character designs in animation. Come to think of it, we need more good animated bird movies. Chicken RunRio and Surf's Up are the only good animated bird movies I can think of... Free Birds could also be good, but come on, birds that actually fly need more animated movies starring them! I mean, you'd get dazzling flight sequences through forests and jungles and whatnot. Perfect for animation, not to mention 3D... Because you know, 3D is a given with computer animated films.

The main plot seems like your typical "listen to your heart" kind of thing, but I bet there's more to it than this little announcement. The announcement just seemed to come out of left field, and like Larrikins (an Australian-set musical announced earlier this year), it's probably more likely to arrive in theaters before many of the adaptations DreamWorks has had planned for years. I mean, what happened to projects like Dinotrux and Maintenance and Captain Underpants?

So yes, we may be seeing this one sooner than expected... Or maybe not...

What's your take on a DreamWorks animated film about blue-footed boobies? Yay or nay?

(via DreamWorks on PitchEngine)


  1. If you didn't (at least) giggle while reading the PitchEngine article THEN YOU'RE LYING!

  2. Dream works is a very big Animation company. Now it is looking new and more improved. I was very happy to see that changes. so now just looking in future what new things comes in. Thank you.