Friday, September 27, 2013

Rising Again?

DreamWorks might want their ill-fated, ambitious animated feature Rise of the Guardians to make its money back somehow...

A new Blu-ray edition is hitting shelves on November 5th, with cover artwork that plays up the Christmas angle of the film.

Fortunately for DreamWorks, they were able to release this film on Blu-ray earlier in the year because it's not truly a Christmas film (unlike something like The Polar Express, which they waited a year after its theatrical release to put out on DVD for obvious reasons) and it actually takes place around Easter. But since Santa Claus and Jack Frost are in it, this release was inevitable. I had actually thought way back when that DreamWorks could re-release this film on Blu-ray with different packaging for a Christmas release, and perhaps a Halloween release focusing on Pitch. (Probably a no-go since Pitch was the villain and he supposedly scared many kids.)

Like the original Blu-ray cover, this doesn't present our childhood heroes as badasses. The more they promote it as cutesy fluff, the more people will scoop it up. Unfortunately, in America, you have to market animation as cutesy or comedic. Just look at Frozen's new trailer...

Anyways, this might help the film get more fans and hopefully those who didn't see it get to check it out. Will it put the film in the black? Probably not... That'll probably take a while, though I heard that the DVD and Blu-ray sales have been good for this one. Long live Rise of the Guardians!

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