Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The New Director?

The Good Dinosaur's confusing and rather worrisome journey into production continues to breed speculation and whatnot, thanks to what original director Bob Peterson had to say a few days ago...

So does this mean that The Good Dinosaur finally has its "finishing" director?

When the news broke that Peterson was removed, it was reported that co-director Pete Sohn and three other higher ups (John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich and Mark Andrews) are currently "improving" the film (or killing it, if you believe that Lasseter is ruining each post-Toy Story 3 film), but why did he just mention Lee Unkrich in his tweet and not Lasseter and Andrews?

This could mean a few things...

Lasseter is as bad as they say... Perhaps, maybe it's Peterson subtly implying that things didn't go down too well between him and Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Man. After all, original Brave director Brenda Chapman was vocal about her opinions on the man. As for Mark Andrews, well... A lot of people say that he ruined Brave (I don't think he did, but that's not the point), because he's supposedly nothing more than a yes man for Lasseter. This is of course, what I call, the "downer" option.

It means nothing at all... No director has been picked yet. He only mentioned Lee Unkrich because he wanted to throw a name out there. Has nothing to do with his feelings towards John Lasseter and/or Mark Andrews.

Lee Unkrich is the director... We all want this to be true, but I think it's unlikely. Why?

Unkrich is working on his "Day of the Dead" project right now, which ought to be the studio's summer 2016 release. Unless...

See, what confuses me is that when Disney announced the dates they secured for their animation studio's films and Pixar's, they didn't outright say that the Day of the Dead project was what was coming in summer 2016, following Finding Dory. It's just untitled, ditto the two 2017 projects and the 2018 one.

Perhaps Unkrich's film is not set in stone for summer 2016, but maybe some time after that? We all think it's going to be released in the summer of 2016 for a very good reason - and it may very well be released then - but you never know. Those dates were announced in late May, and Peterson was removed from The Good Dinosaur around that time... Maybe Unkrich is the replacement director of this film, and that they aren't sure when Day of the Dead will be ready hence Disney not saying that it is the 2016 Pixar release. All because Unkrich is going to be busy with prehistoric beasts, and that his own project will have to wait.

But then again, despite the fact that Zootopia was officially unveiled at D23 last month, Disney hasn't officially announced that it'll be the March 2016 release from Walt Disney Animation Studios... Even though Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney says it will be, and it seems like a given at this rate, the company still hasn't said anything yet - implying that it'll come out whenever. But it pretty much is the March 2016 release, no two ways about it. (I'll gladly eat crow if it isn't.) The same is probably the case for Unkrich's film.

So maybe Unkrich is not directing this, and that he's going to continue working on his film.

Who knows, who knows...


  1. Actually, Unkrich's Dia de Los Muertos movie may not be happening because another CGI film, "Book of Life", which is executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro, is coming out next year through Fox, and the last time Pixar discovered smiliarities between one of its feature projects ("Newt"), with one from a rival studio (Blue Sky Studios's "Rio", the sequel to which is also coming out next year through Fox), they cancelled theirs.
    Oh, and FYI, the big story similarity between "Newt" and "Rio" is both features revolved around male animals unknowingly being in mating experiments with female animals, only for both genders to fall in love for real.

  2. Now that The Good Dinosaur is moved to 2015, and Día de Los Muertos to 2017 (or further), I can see Lee Unkrich directing both movies.