Saturday, October 26, 2013

Poster Puzzle

Is this our first teaser poster for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur?

I'm going to say no. It would be weird for Pixar to release one this early, because the film is not even due out for another two years. Sure, Arlo and Spot's designs are very close to what we've seen in the concept artwork... But look at the way the title is integrated into everything, also all those jungle leaves and the sky background just seem like they were thrown in there. Something about it just seems fan-made, something like those Frozen posters where someone got the designs (or the prototype/near-finished designs) and built their own posters around them.

But I could be wrong, after all this could've been a teaser poster (or an early version of a teaser poster) that was prepared before the director removal and subsequent delay that happened to be released just now. It would be uncharacteristic of Pixar to release something this early for a film that they know won't be out for a while. Heck, I'm not expecting an Inside Out teaser poster until mid-2014 at the earliest! The delay was announced when physical production was beginning on the film, so I would assume that some designs were finalized. But I'm certain this is no different from those "leaked" Frozen posters. Some of my Pixarian friends think so as well...

What do you think?

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