Thursday, October 24, 2013

Raising The Stakes... Again

The teaser trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the third installment of Marvel Studios' second phase of their cinematic universe, has surfaced...

It kicks off with a bang and a shred of humor, but then afterwards, it takes on the mood that the great but misleading Iron Man 3 trailers used. The trailer makes it quite obvious that the stakes are being raised, big time. Of course, they would have to do so for this film. Thor: The Dark World, on the other hand, "looks" like the further adventures of Thor with a pinch of darkness. Of course, I'm waiting for the film to prove me wrong, but for now the trailers surprisingly aren't doing a thing for me... And I loved the first Thor, and I guess I may be in the minority for loving it.

Anyways, what they are showing here looks fantastic. The final shot of the titular villain is great, the Helicarrier crashing into the ocean was a nice money shot, plus from the looks of it, the action will be pretty intense. I've heard things about the Comic-Con footage, and how those who attended the presentation felt that the action was on par with The Avengers. That'll probably work very well in its favor, considering that Iron Man 3's action was a mix of big blow-em-up thrills (particularly the third act) and clever, smaller-scale escapades (Stark sneaking into the Mandarin's mansion). Thor: The Dark World's action looks to be Thor's action, but amped up.

They also give us a taste of Rogers' unease with what S.H.I.E.L.D. is planning to do, which was mentioned in the Comic-Con footage descriptions. The glimpses at the Falcon, Cap's new suit and some of the new characters were also great additions. In all, it's a pretty solid teaser. Definitely Iron Man 3-like in a sense, except less "end-times" in its mood.

Iron Man 3's teaser was criticized by some for being more on the Nolan Batman side, since there wasn't a scrap of humor and the whole trailer was accompanied by descending music that suggested despair rather than fun. Personally, I liked that trailer a lot because it wasn't trying to be brooding or dark (everyone called it "The Iron Man Rises"), I thought it was basically saying, "Tony Stark is in big trouble this time!" The second trailer was more thrilling, and it ends with a funny bit.

This teaser, I feel, is like Iron Man 3's teaser except it suggests that the film will be more fun and more of a thrill ride than a bleak film - yet I still feel that things are going to get hairy in this sequel. So far, Cap in the modern world looks like it'll make for a damn good movie. Marvel knows what they're doing...

I'm really looking forward to this installment. What do you think of the teaser?

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