Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where's The Party At?

Pixar's The Good Dinosaur was to have a Monsters University short film attached to it. Problem is, that Pixar film had been delayed from its planned summer 2014 release to the autumn of 2015. Of course, we all know this happened and why it had to happen, but…

What will happen with the short?

The short in question, Party Central, must be somewhere near completion at this point. At one point it was intended to be the obligatory short on the film's Blu-ray and DVD. It was unveiled for the first time at this year's D23 Expo during the Good Dinosaur presentation. However, was Party Central a Pixar Canada production? If so, then either the production is no more or it has been moved back to Emeryville so it can be completed.

Since there is no Pixar film coming out next year, what will Party Central be attached to?

First, let's rule out all of Disney's live action blockbuster releases. No way this thing is attached to something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Maleficent, obviously. Let's rule out all the PG-13 stuff along with the smaller-scale live action stuff… Only one live action release in 2014 is a legitimate possibility… Muppets Most Wanted.

Why Muppets Most Wanted? It's the closest release to The Good Dinosaur's original date (May 30th). Also, the Toy Story toon Small Fry was attached to The Muppets, so I can definitely see that Pixar/Muppets double-whammy happening again.

I can't see them attaching it to Planes: Fire and Rescue, because that film is really for kids only unlike Muppets Most Wanted and the other animated release for 2014. Adults and teens like Pixar, but they are the least likely audiences to pay to see something like the Planes sequel. Pixar wants everyone to see the short, so why attach it to a kids-only flick?

The other big possibility, and the last of Disney's animated and/or family-friendly releases for 2014, is Walt Disney Animation Studios' Big Hero 6. A Cars Toon was attached to Bolt in theaters back in 2008, plus, Big Hero 6 has the biggest box office potential of the three G/PG films Disney is releasing next year. However, Big Hero 6 might possibly be Disney Animation's first PG-13 film considering that it's based on a Marvel comic. Also, according to Blue Sky Disney way back in 2011, Wreck-It Ralph almost got that rating, believe it or not. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney Animation broke the tradition and made a PG-13 film, but that's pure speculation at this point.

If not those three films, then it will be a home media exclusive. I can imagine it popping up on a Blu-ray for something like Toy Story of Terror (if that gets a release next autumn, which would be nice), since it is about monsters and that would fit in with the Halloween theme of the special.

What do you think? Theatrical? Or home media only? What film could it possibly be attached to next year?

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