Tuesday, January 7, 2014

'Disney Infinity' in Progress… (Part 2)

I'm almost done with the starter pack, actually, though that's nothing considering all the toys and play sets out there. Currently, I plan on getting at least one play set before winter break ends. I'm thinking either Toy Story or Cars; the space fan in me wants the former, the race fan in me wants the latter.

Anyways, I've finished The Incredibles play set and like Monsters University, it delivers on wide variety fun. One disappointing aspect, however, was the size of Metroville. I expected something a little bigger, since Monsters University's titular setting was divided into various sections, and you could even visit rival university Fear Tech! In Metroville, there are a few bridges to other parts of the city and whatnot. Nothing really spectacular, but visually it's pulled off well.

Music-wise, it immediately plunged me back to the autumn of 2004, when the film roared into theaters. Michael Giacchino's score always stuck with me, and when I got The Incredibles video game for Christmas, I had constantly played the scenes from the film. However, I remember not particularly enjoying that game despite some great ideas in it; this game made up for it. Anyways, you tear through Metroville's streets fighting endless Omnidroids (based on the different versions we saw in the film during the sequence where Mr. Incredible discovers everything via that giant computer!) and taking down three criminals before you get to Syndrome.

A lot of it is pretty easy, much like the Monsters University play set, it could use a little more challenge. Thankfully, the metal-banging, missile-blowing thrills make up for it. The different power-ups and weapons you get? Awesome. Driving the Incredibile that's only in the opening sequence of the first film? Satisfying. You also get a copter of all things! The missions themselves involve thwarting the schemes of a bunch of criminals, one of which uses machines that turn people into monstrous giants while another one uses a sleep inducing plant to put Metroville's civilians to sleep. The only downside to defeating each? You have to do a monotonous "escort the [insert whatever here]" mission to the wagon carrying them to the supers' headquarters. Those missions were not to my liking, but the rest were good fun.

And… I will also admit… I kinda thought, "Man, an Incredibles sequel would be soooooo cool!"

If you've been here long enough, you'll know that I don't ask for sequels. When one is announced, I simply say "well, we'll see what happens" (Finding Dory, for instance) and spare the negativity. An Incredibles sequel would be lovely, but I think it should only happen if Brad Bird wants it to happen. As in "really wants". Bird, to me, seems kind of "Yeah one day, maybe" on it. Either that, or he's essentially telling fans, "It's not happening."


Pirates of the Caribbean, to me, is much more challenging than the other two play sets. I haven't finished it yet, but some of the missions feel a bit longer and a little more difficult this time around. Also, you're encouraged to really explore in some missions. Your range of weapons is super cool, plus the setting is the least toy-ish of the three. Lush jungles, swamp, lagoons and towns make for this play set's backdrop, and the music definitely adds to the atmosphere.

You know what else rocks about this play set? Being at the helm of a ship, of course! Fire at enemies, sail the seas, discover different areas, you could not ask for more!

This particular world is massive too, given its oceanic setting. You can sail to small little islands or pretty big shores, there's so much to explore. Racking up tons of coins never felt so satisfying either, for some reason. If there's one slight downside, it's the speed of the dinghy. You go slow, which is important for certain missions, but what if you want to row around like a madman? I have very little complaints about this play set, though some missions do tend to fall to the easy side. The side-challenges are expectedly fun and make for in-between mission enjoyment.

So after finishing up with the fort mission on Pirates, I headed over the Toy Box. Now, I had added a lot to my Toy Box world that I showed in the last review, but to my horror… There was a limit! I decided to create a new world instead, but first, I took on the Toy Box challenges.

Considering my history with building games like Zoo Tycoon and Sim City, I jumped right into building a new toy box rather than doing the tutorials or adventures. Thankfully, the adventures give you some ins and outs that are useful to know, but some of the challenges are great and you keep coming back if you didn't win a gold medal the first time.

Anyways, here's my new Toy Box world so far. This time it comes with a commentary; didn't feel the need to record one for the last video…


  1. Enjoying your Disney Infinity posts so far! I just got the game this week - it sure is fun. Maybe we can play online together in the Toy Box sometime. :-)

  2. Great review! It's cool to see how far you get into the game and reading all about it.
    Keep it up!

    T Estrada - Infinity animator