Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kahrs' Feature Debut

John Kahrs, the Pixar animator and the man who directed Disney Animation's innovative short Paperman, is finally going to direct a feature-length animated film… For Paramount Animation!

Paramount Animation is slowly but surely making their way into the animation field, hoping to crash the gates with SpongeBob SquarePants 2 and the Chris Wedge-directed Monster Trucks in 2015. Other projects in development include The New Kid (based on a webcomic) and Beastlies (J. J. Abrams is involved), but now a film directed by Kahrs' himself is on the horizon.

Titled Shedd and penned by Tripper Clancy, Paramount Animation refuses to reveal any details. Not surprising, since they did make it clear a year ago that they are going to keep the development of their projects in secrecy.

Perhaps this is why he left Disney Animation, maybe his next project wouldn't be out for a while since the studio has multiple features in development or in production right now. Either way, I'm glad he's directing a film and hopefully it's something different, something new. Hey, maybe it'll expand on the painterly animation style that Paperman used. I can dream, can I?

Speaking of which, Pixar might be expanding on that style as well. That's another story, though…

Any thoughts on this new project? Sound off below!

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