Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top 10 'Disney Infinity' Play Sets I Want to See Happen

10. Finding Nemo

With a wide-open underwater world to explore, many different areas and the film's popularity, Finding Nemo would make for an excellent play set. They could have a thing that teleports you to P. Sherman's aquarium as well, or other parts of the ocean kind of like of the Monsters University play set includes both MU and Fear Tech. They could push the boundaries and make multiple open-ended environments you can visit, similar to Pirates of the Caribbean's play set but bigger.

The problem is, and some Disney Infinity team members I believe mentioned this, they'd have to create an underwater world and how would fish do in the toy box if there is no water? Pirates may have water, but you can't get that for the Toy Box mode. (The closest thing you'll get is theme with water on the bottom.) A tricky one to pull off, which is why it's at the bottom of the list. It seems a bit undoable for the time being. Also, if they ever get around to it, they'd probably base it on Finding Dory's California setting.

9. Treasure Planet

Flying pirate ships in space, alien baddies and whatnot… It would be just like the Pirates play set, but just as exciting and it'll be innnn spaaaaaaaaaace! Plus, it could help popularize the film because more people need to see it.

8. Mulan

Battling Huns on the mountains? That alone should be the selling point, plus the ancient China backdrop would make for a great-looking play set world. Mulan is also a pretty action-oriented Disney animated feature, so it makes perfect sense.

7. Tarzan

Tree-surfing, lush jungles and fighting villainous poachers and angry leopard Sabor… Tarzan's licensed game was pretty decent, if not good. Tarzan was also one of the films used for Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, which was actually a pretty good game. (Don't judge!) Tarzan would make for a great playable character, too. The other one? Probably Jane or Tantor.


An obvious choice, given the first and second film's concept. There are already a few TRON elements present in the current game, such as Quora's Light Runner, so how about the whole world of the series? The Grid needs to be a play set.

5. Aladdin

Hopping from rooftop to rooftop, flying around Agrabah on the magic carpet and paying the Cave of Wonders a visit? Yes please. Can we also fight Jafar in snake form too?

4. The Lion King

Being one of Disney Animation's most well-loved and popular films, The Lion King should get a play set that takes you through the savanna and Timon & Pumbaa's big oasis. There are a lot of potentially fun missions to get from this one, among other things. Also, Pride Rock is one of the Toy Box toys. Also imagine being Simba, running through the tall grass chasing Scar's hyena henchmen and fighting the big baddie himself.


Space. The Axiom. Need I say more? Fellow Disney and animation fan AnimDailies suggested that a play set for this film should be made, and that it should have a no-gravity zone. Talk about unlimited… WALL-E, being vehicular, lends himself to a video game anyway.

2. Wreck-It Ralph

Why this doesn't have a play set yet is beyond me. The three worlds would be perfect, and many elements from them are already part of the game. Sugar Rush could have some challenging race missions, while Hero's Duty could plunge the game into FPS territory and really try new things. Ralph and Vanellope are already playable characters, so a play set would be lovely. Add in Felix and Calhoun, and things would be quite cool.

1. Pinocchio

It may consider it the greatest Disney animated film, but the story really does work for a video game. I mean, escaping Monstro? Running away from the Coachman's shadowy minions on Pleasure Island? Searching the ocean for Geppetto? So much to name, not to mention Pinocchio's home village.

Some Honorable Mentions...

Robin Hood - Shooting arrows and sword action, plus a wide-open Sherwood Forest. This would make for a fun set. Prince John's rhino cronies are already enemies in the game, too.

DuckTales - The series spawned a great NES game, plus again, it would be great if they made a play set. They could also introduce a new generation to the show as well, if the few DuckTales-themed objects in the Toy Box already didn't.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - One of Disney's more action-oriented films, which makes it perfect for a play set. They'd have to have some underwater voyage missions (tricky, see Nemo) and then the caves that lead to Atlantis, and then have a wide-open Atlantis with tons of little missions and tasks. Or they could just focus on Atlantis itself, either way, it should be a play set. If the promised next-gen version of Disney Infinity can hold bigger play set worlds, then Atlantis - all of the settings - could be turned into a great play set.

Tangled - Rapunzel's already available, you fight the palace guards, plus there are Toy Box pieces and the lantern sky. I don't know, this could work plus it's a recent hit for Disney.

John Carter of Mars - AnimDailies also had suggested that some of the characters from the film should be released, but I think a play set would be cool… But it probably won't happen. Disney marketing killed what could've been a big new thing for Disney, which is sad, because that film calls for a cool video game.

Frozen - Disney Animation's latest, and a huge hit too. With mountains, lots of snow and the two leads already being playable characters, this set is also a no-brainer.

What play sets would you like to see in the future? Sound off below!

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