Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bits Journal #6

Schedules, speculation, Space Jam… And other cool things…

Yesterday, Warner Bros. went on a scheduling spree…

Note: The Lego Movie's sequel was added last week...

Since their 2015 slate was without the big event that is Batman vs. Superman, the hole had to be filled with smaller scale comedies, horror films and anticipated films like Entourage and The Conjuring 2. They also scheduled their first release for 2016, a comedy called How to Be Single. Notice anything about this new batch of release dates?

A Warner Bros. Animation project is nowhere to be seen. Back in January 2013, they said they intended to have Storks follow The Lego Movie as their 2015 release, but since we've heard very little about the project, it logically hasn't shown up. Maybe they don't want to announce a release date because they fear it may put pressure on the folks working on it, maybe not.

But at this rate (and since 2015 is jam-packed with animated films and live action blockbusters), it seems like Storks may end up being a 2016 release. I just hope it's moving along well, because I don't want to see Warner Bros. Animation rely on Lego sequels/spin-offs and stuff like Space Jam 2. We need original stuff from them, too.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Space Jam 2 is indeed happening?

It's official, and LeBron James might be in it. While it's nice to see the Looney Tunes coming back to the big screen in some form, why this? Space Jam is a film that's really only loved by nostalgic 90s babies, and that film just makes you wish that someone would just say, "Hey, let's do a fully animated feature-length Looney Tunes film!" And no, the ones from the 1970s and 1980s don't count, they're films made up of classic episodes strung together.

The one positive thing this movie could bring is a possible Looney Tunes feature. Let's say this does well when it comes out, it could open the door for more Looney Tunes feature films and it may help the characters stay popular with younger audiences. I know the classic cartoons or new shorts should be used to do that, but you know Hollywood. Plus the mixed bag sitcom show on Cartoon Network is trying to keep the Looney Tunes fresh, but who needs that when you can make new shorts or re-run the classics?

And maybe, just maybe, the filmmakers won't repeat the sins of the first film. How about more Looney Tunes goodness this time? How about a better live action half that actually matches the energy and awesomeness of the Looney Tunes?

Wait… I'm asking for too much, aren't I?

On a positive note…

The Book of Life concept artwork… Feast your eyes…

Beautiful, just beautiful.

I've been looking forward to this Reel FX-produced film since I first I heard about it, and I had heard how ambitious and different it was going to be which only made my excitement for the film skyrocket. Well, these pieces of concept artwork for the Jorge Guiterrez-directed film indicate that this won't be like the other mainstream animated films, and it looks like a real 180 from the studio's previous film, Free Birds. The last announced plot synopsis curiously did not mention the Day of the Dead backdrop, but this concept artwork shows that the holiday will definitely be part of the film's atmosphere.

In other words, I… Am… Psyched…

(Also, does this mean we'll get a trailer soon?)

Speaking of trailers…

When will we get the teaser for Pixar's Inside Out? I had already asked readers about the Big Hero 6 teaser and when we'd be getting that, but since this year lacks a Pixar film, is it possible that we might have to wait until fall to see the teaser for Pete Docter's inside the mind tale? Or will Pixar have it ready for a summer tentpole like Disney's Maleficent or DreamWorks' How To Train Your Dragon 2?

Well, we may get it this summer because Pixar animator Chris Chua put it out there on Twitter that this week is his first week on the project, so that tells me that some animation is currently being completed for the film.

To me, this means that we'll get the teaser this summer. Gotta get the word out, you know? Teasers for Pixar films always debut a year before their respective films come out (minus Cars 2), so I wouldn't be surprised if the teaser showed up in a couple of months. Also, it's Pixar's next original non-sequel film and it's the one film that the skeptics believe will be the studio's "comeback". (It's not a comeback in my eyes, for Pixar never went away or "lost their touch" to begin with.)

What do you think?

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