Monday, February 17, 2014

Extended Domination?

The Lego Movie might just stay at #1 till the next animated feature hits the scene…

The film is clearly getting excellent word-of-mouth. Take away the $13 million it made today, The Lego Movie took in a great $50 million over the weekend, just a 27% drop from last weekend. It's got staying power, and it's sure to gross over $250 million by the end of its run. Oh yeah, not to mention it broke a record.

That being said, what is opening next weekend? Luc Besson-written thriller 3 Days to Kill and effects spectacle Pompeii. I highly doubt that either of these films will knock The Lego Movie off of the top spot. The former looks like an okay thriller, and that will probably open with $15 million tops. The latter comes from a director whose track record isn't so hot, so it should open with less than $15 million. Yes, I think the bricks will stay in the #1 spot.

Then the weekend after comes Liam Neeson thriller Non-Stop, which could very well derail Lego, but I think it'll probably end up grossing a bit below it. (Neeson's The Grey opened with $19 million, Unknown opened with $21 million. This should take in about $25 million while Lego takes in about that much.) The other film opening that weekend, Son of God - which from what I hear is stitched together from episodes the miniseries The Bible - probably won't do all that well.

The weekend after that is when DreamWorks' Mr. Peabody & Sherman will open. It'll easily take the top spot, as DreamWorks usually succeeds at this. seems to think that this film will go the way of Turbo, opening with just under $30 million and missing $100 million domestically. I don't know, I think they really underestimate animated films sometimes. Remember they said Frozen would open with under $40 million, their reasons being "animation glut" (how many times does it have to said: There is no "animation glut"!) and "the voice cast isn't as recognizable". (Pretty sure people don't go see animated films based on the voice cast.)

Peabody, I predict, will easily take the top spot with around $40 million. Since it's supposed to be really good (Europe got it already and the reception it got there was pretty damn good), it should have staying power. The weekend after it opens comes Need for Speed, and Peabody may just win that weekend as well because I honestly don't sense much buzz for Touchstone's adaptation of the long-running video game series. Either that, or we'll see a photo finish. Then the weekend after that comes Divergent, animation won't be holding the #1 spot that weekend I'm afraid…

Anyways, if Peabody opens at #1 and stays at #1 the weekend after that, consider that real animation domination. Six whopping weeks in a row!

Can it happen?

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  1. I have such mixed feelings over Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It looks so imaginative, different, and unique, particularly among Dreamworks' lineup, but some of the released clips of the film just make it seem so cheap! I really hope it deserves the European reception…