Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bits Journal #10

Some CinemaCon bits and more...

Inside Out, The Breakout

Disney didn't put on a spectacular show at CinemaCon, animation-wise, but they did preview the Inside Out footage that was shown at D23 last summer. The response was quite positive… In fact it was the highlight of the entire presentation!

Yep, the little glimpse of Pixar's next film won the crowd over… That's pretty telling if you ask me. (Insert snarky "But those 5 minutes could've good, the rest of it will probably be bad!" comment here.) also reports that there was heavy emphasis on their big budget fairy tale reboots (blech!), and in addition to the Marvel films being highlighted, Planes: Fire & Rescue got some time as well. By the way, I recently saw the latest trailer for that… Ummmm… Feels just like the first one all over again. (Which I still haven't seen.)

Okay, on a positive note regarding the fairy tale stuff, what I'm hearing about Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella (opening March 13, 2015) isn't too bad. According to Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo, it'll be a "period romance that happens to have some fantasy elements" rather than an all-out fantasy film with lots of CGI and whatnot. I guess that's good, kind of going against the grain a bit for a big tentpole picture.

One of the Heroes

Looks like we finally got a little information on Big Hero 6's cast… And by little, I mean one person who is attached.

It's none other than TJ Miller, who confirmed this in an interview with Bostinno. Miller has done voice work in animation before, as he voiced Tuffnut in the How To Train Your Dragon series and Robbie in Gravity Falls. Oh yeah, he's also the cameraman from Cloverfield! He'll being playing Fred, the one who has the ability turn into a Kaiju! How fitting!

Another Box Opened

An international trailer for LAIKA's The BoxTrolls debuted over a week ago…

I like this piece as well, but again it's pretty light on the story. It seems like the marketing so far wants to emphasize the trolls themselves and the setting, which I guess is good so that audiences don't take a look and say "It looks weird/strange/ugly" and then reject it. It's a cool idea to get them to know the characters and the atmosphere of the film first.

So far, each teaser delivers. This is a complete 180 from the trailer for ParaNorman, so hopefully the trailer that does cover the story will be pretty solid.

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  1. Inside Out has a LOT of potential to be good. I have to admit, I personally was not a fan of Brave (other opinions may vary), but I thought Monsters University was a very worthy followup to Monsters Inc., and I'm sure Inside Out will do with Pixar what Frozen did with Disney. In other words, make them critically praised again. Like you said many times, every studio has the potential of making great movies, and all should be respected in their own way. Pixar is no exception.