Sunday, March 16, 2014

Word of Caution

Be on the look out for this… Thing…

This is probably fake, though no one has come out to confirm it yet… Still, look at it. Kinda sketchy looking…

The biggest controversy about this "slate" is Moana's supposed new title… Spirited. If true, then that would continue Disney's misguided new tradition of eliminating anything they perceive as "girly" from titles in an attempt to market to young boys, rather than, ya know, everybody.

But here's why I think this thing is fake.

Up until now, Disney Animation has no releases set for 2017. The official slate lists two 2016 releases, and two 2018 releases. That's because Pixar has 2017 locked up, they've got the summer date and the autumn date.

Second, Dean Wellins' currently untitled space race project is, as of last September, on the back burner. What's the status on it now? We don't know. Honor Hunter no longer posts on Blue Sky Disney. It was also never stated officially that Jennifer Lee was going to direct it with him, or a future film at Walt Disney Animation Studios. (Though a Lee-directed film is a given in the future.)

It seems as if some person made this dream slate, guessing that Jennifer Lee would direct the space movie with Wellins because she said a little while back that she wanted to direct a sci-fi film. Not an animated one, specifically. Galactic seems like a plausible title given the string of films between Big Hero 6 and the untitled fall 2018 film having one-word titles: Giants, Zootopia, Moana

King of the Elves has been off the map for a long time. Also, Rich Moore? Just because he directed Wreck-It Ralph, it means he'll be doing this film? I don't know about that. It seems like it was a fake slate put together based on assumptions.

Also, look at the thing itself. No neat 'Walt Disney Animation Studios' heading above all those titles, plain-looking text for the directors and dates (gotta love the abbreviations), Photoshopped look… It looks like something a fan put together.

I don't know, it's all fishy to me. I'd take this with a grain of salt. It's also a little too early for April Fool's.

Updates shall be coming...


  1. Yep, definitely looks photoshopped.

  2. If this is true, Galactic sounds awesome. But Moana???? This feels not only like to target the boys, but to target Spirited Away fans??? No.

    1. This definitely looks fake, I'm not taking any chances.