Sunday, March 16, 2014


It looks like Hercules and Tarzan will be hitting Blu-ray this year. You heard that right, Hercules and Tarzan on Blu-ray.

Head on over to Disney's official website and you'll see that the pages for Hercules and Tarzan have upcoming "Special Edition" Blu-rays listed… Just in time, too. On March 16, 2013, Disney announced that The Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Lilo & Stitch would be hitting Blu-ray in the summer. They repeated that strategy for this year, just as I had predicted.

Oh, and the pages have legitimate cover artwork too!

No release dates have been announced yet, but I'll assume that we'll get these two releases on June 10, 2014 since Disney picked the second Tuesday of June 2013 to give us Emperor, Atlantis and Lilo. Once these two come out, we'll have all of the non-Diamond 90s Disney films on Blu-ray.

However, those covers are kind of odd. Tarzan's has a Special Edition banner while the Hercules cover doesn't. Also, Hercules' border indicates that the release will include the DVD and digital copy, Tarzan's only lists the digital copy. Weird, but it's probably temporary artwork.

Also, did you notice anything different about the Tarzan release?

It won't be a two-movie collection! No mention of the second film or "2 Movie Collection", just Tarzan. It seems like Disney has finally listened, or maybe the film is on the set but as a mere bonus feature (the best possible option)…

Speaking of bonus features, these sets better come with a good amount of them. Hercules got the shaft on DVD, Tarzan got a loaded 2-disc set back in 2000. Disney has been very inconsistent with these Blu-rays as of late, so hopefully they'll get it right this time. Emperor and Lilo not having any bonus features, in addition to having nothing from the 2-disc sets on their respective Blu-ray editions was inexcusable.

Either way, I'm pumped! I'm excited to finally own these and complete my collection. Are you looking forward to these Blu-ray releases? When do you think they'll come out? Sound off below!


  1. Hello, I am really excited about this news, I am also collecting disney movies, and this time some things come to my attention:

    1 if this is true: in order to keep the tradition like last year releases, disney will have to release another movie with these 2, the black cauldron perhaps?, also they would have to release 3 more movies in august, reading your predictions for this year, you said the package films could be a possibility.

    2 I am not annoyed by having 2 film collections, I rather like them, its a better, and cheaper way to get more movies. The diamond editions should be alone as they are, but the rest could be 2 movie collections, so if they only release the 1st one of hercules and tarzan, what would happen to the rest of the tarzan movies and hercules from zero to hero prequel?

    In your predictions you said that these 2 movies could come with their sequels, prequels but it would really be lame to release those separate from the first ones who would buy them?

    Which other movies do you think they can release with hercules and tarzan? I'm guessing the black cauldron, also in august if disney releases something which ones could they release? package films maybe?

  2. I just feel like disney should re-release all of their Disney Animation films in Blu-Ray without any sequels (except for The Three Caballeros, Reducers Down Under, Fantasia 2000, andWinnie the Pooh, of course). That way, I can own all of them on Blu Ray without one DisneyToon sequel.

  3. can anyone give me a list of the Disney Animation movies not yet released in Blu Ray plz?

    1. 'Saludos Amigos'
      'The Three Caballeros'
      'Make Mine Music'
      'Fun & Fancy Free'
      'Melody Time'
      'The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad'
      '101 Dalmatians'
      'The Black Cauldron'

    2. 101? I thought it was already released in blu ray?? and what about treasure planet, lady and the tramp, home on the range, and frozen? I went onto the Disney Vault website and searched for these, but theyre not there?

    3. 101 Dalmatians was released in other regions, alla like Dumbo for a while overseas but 101 is not a US release yet. All those others you listed have been released for some time now. Tim, you should check or amazon more often.