Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Molten Pixar

The good folks over at Animated Views got some information on what could possibly be Pixar's next short film after this year's Party Central, thanks to animator Shaun Seong-Young Kim's LinkedIn profile

It's titled…


It's also listed as a 2015 release on his profile, so this tells me that it'll debut before Inside Out. The Good Dinosaur could also get it, though I think we would know about Inside Out's attached short film before Good Dinosaur's. Hmmmmm…

What will it be about? A group of weird creatures living inside a volcano? A nearby tribe or a nearby city? A volcano on another planet? Speculation, speculation…

Ahhh Pixar and their short-and-sweet one-word titles that leaving one asking many questions. What do you think it will be about?

Update: The poster for Party Central is here!

So I guess it'll be a simple "Monsters University Short", as opposed to a "Monster Toon" or something.

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