Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Mystery Sequels

Well, the beans have been spilled. Pixar is in fact making some sequels after Finding DoryThe Incredibles 2 and Cars 3

Hypable got the news this afternoon, as Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed during a shareholder conference that those sequels are indeed in development right now at the Emeryville studio. Brad Bird apparently has a strong story ready, and Cars 3 was a given. Michael Wallis, the voice of the Sheriff, also said that it was going to happen way back in August. (The news outlets found out two months later.)

First off… The Incredibles 2. I'm a happy camper about this, I just hope it's as good as the original. Don't we all? I hope Brad Bird (he'll be back in the director's chair for this film) pulls off something spectacular for this sequel, and the timing is right. Superheroes are all the rage right now, though it does make me wonder: Did he finally come up with a good story for an Incredibles sequel? Or did Disney suits show him and Pixar the ol' cattle prods?

Regardless, even if he was "forced" to make it, I'm sure he'll turn out something spectacular. Many argued that The Incredibles was the only Pixar film that deserved a sequel, I was always kind of iffy on that. I never thought it "needed" a sequel, but I'd welcome one if Brad Bird was behind it. Well, he is directing it and all I can say is… Bring it on!

Cars 3? I'm totally fine with it. Shocker? No, not if you know how I feel about this franchise.

It's Pixar Ice Age-esque franchise, where they have to keep making more because the beast makes so much money for the bigwigs. I love Cars, didn't hate Cars 2, I enjoy the shorts and the universe it takes place in, I honestly don't care if they make another one or not. I'd rather have something like that than a Toy Story 4. If Pixar needs to keep Disney happy with Cars sequels/merchandise, they can go right ahead. Those who are upset can just avoid it, it's not going to stop Pixar from making new stuff. They have several original projects in the pipeline: Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Lee Unkrich's Day of the Dead film, Teddy Newton's film and Mark Andrews' film… I don't need to say anymore, because I'm done with the whole "Pixar is dead/selling out" business, and Pixar doesn't need to churn out masterpiece after masterpiece. That's not realistic.

Who knows, it could also be *gasp* an improvement over the last one. You never know, Wallis did say that they'll be going back to the road and they'll be exploring Route 99. Sounds more promising than spy hijinks with Mater, they may just return to what made the first film great. (Yes, I think Cars is a great Pixar film. Sharpen those pitchforks.)

So yeah, The Incredibles 2 excites me, and pretty much everyone else in the world. Cars 3 doesn't annoy me, while the rest of the world is probably infuriated at the fact that it's happening. Pixar isn't dead or selling out, the end. I know why three of the sequels they've made exist (*cough* Circle 7 *cough* legal issues *cough*), I know why they have to make Cars films/shorts, I've explained why too many times to name. I'm not gonna rant about this again…

What do you think of this news?


  1. im honestly excited for both. incredibles 2 is exciting! I really hope cars 3 will be an improvement and end the franchise satisfied (if they wanna end I, that is). but I have this feeling that theyre gonna make trilogies for all of their films............toy story is finished, finding nemo is gonna, incredibles is gonna, monsters inc is gonna, cars is finishing. their only ones left r bugs life, wall e, ratatouille, brave and up. but all of them ended well, so I honestly don't know how theyre gonna pull that off.

  2. But if Bird will direct The Incredibles 2...then what will happen to 1906?