Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Characters I'd Like To See In 'Disney Infinity'

With Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition arriving this autumn, I thought I'd list some characters that I'd particularly like to see in this game soon...

(No Marvel and Star Wars characters on this list, for obvious reasons...)

Donald and Goofy - Enough said, hahahaha.

Snow White and dwarfs - We need see more of Disney's animated heroines in the game, and Snow White, being the first, is a given. However, what dwarfs? I'm thinking Grumpy could be a good playable character, though what would his powers be? Same with Snow White...

Pinocchio - Pinocchio is my pick for best Disney animated feature, and since I'd like to see a Pinocchio play set, why not at least wish for the character to be playable?

Cinderella - Of course.

Alice - Have the magic mushroom be a power-up, grow 10 feet tall and stomp enemies. Alice in Wonderland elements are also already part of the game.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook - Peter Pan is perfect for Disney Infinity. Out of all the classic Walt films, Peter Pan perhaps has the most fighting action in it. I mean, why wouldn't you want to battle Captain Hook? Captain Hook would be great for swashbuckling sword action... Yeah, a Peter Pan play set would be cool!

Ned Land and Captain Nemo - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is definitely prime Disney Infinity stuff. If they made a play set, we'd get to encounter the giant squid!

Prince Philip - The sword-wielding prince that rides to the castle, fight Maleficent in dragon-form and awakens Aurora... Why not?

Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera and Shere Khan - An epic Jungle Book play set would be cool, but the characters could still work without one. Baloo's a bear, Bagheera and Shere Khan are big cats. Wouldn't you want to pounce baddies as a panther or tiger?

Robin Hood and Little John - Now here's a good idea! Give Little John a bow, and you're all set! You can have them join forces with Hawkeye and Merida! Maybe Trigger's crossbow from the movie can be an item, too!

Kevin Flynn and TRON - We already have elements from TRON Legacy in this game, which is given for obvious reasons. However, why no TRON play set? Why no TRON characters? Now this is a bit tricky... I think they should definitely highlight the 1982 classic by having younger Kevin Flynn and non-Rinzler TRON be playable, but at the same time I'd love to see Sam Flynn and Rinzler-TRON as playable characters. Maybe they could do both? Oh, and Quorra too!

Taran - Coming from a more action-oriented Disney film, Taran from The Black Cauldron would make for a fine playable character. Wield a sword, maybe use some magic... While not the most interesting of Disney protagonists in my eyes, he could still be a nice addition.

Scrooge McDuck - Gotta have more DuckTales!

Darkwing Duck - Let's get dangerous! Good for this game, and it can also win a classic Disney Television Animation show new fans.

Belle and Beast - Man, to play as Beast... Hey, since the developers want to let you play as villains, throw in Gaston as well!

Aladdin, Jasmine and Jafar - Since an Aladdin play set is something I'd love to see happen, why not the two leads and Jafar? Flying around on the magic carpet would be neat as well.

Simba, Nala, Timon & Pumbaa and Scar - For Timon & Pumbaa, they can probably do what Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure did and have them both be the same playable character. Other than that... Lions... Need I say more?

Goliath - Gotta have Gargoyles too! Add some other members of the clan too, or perhaps do a Gargoyles play set.

Hercules and Megara - Of course! I have a strong feeling that Hercules may end up being a playable character this year.

Mulan - Another one that should be a character, and I have a feeling she eventually will be this year.

Tarzan - I'd love to see a Tarzan play set because of tree-surfing, but if we can't have that just yet, Tarzan would still be an ideal playable character alongside Jane and perhaps Tantor.

Kuzco and Pacha - This probably stems from my love for the movie itself, but The Emperor's New Groove did get a very good video game adaptation back when it came out, so I can definitely see Kuzco going around front-kicking things, spitting seeds at enemies and rolling around.

Milo Thatch or anyone else from Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Atlantis: The Lost Empire would make for an awesome play set, so I'd love to see the characters in the game or some of the vehicles in it. I mean, Vinny Santorini would be cool in this game, blowing stuff up and all.

Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia - Treasure Planet, like Atlantis, really calls for a cool play set. Jim and Captain Amelia would be really fun to play as.

Bolt - The TV show version of course. Super-bark enemies away, eye-laser them, run really fast and perhaps give Dash a run for his money... Yeah, I'd love to see Bolt in Disney Infinity.

Tiana and Prince Naveen - And not as frogs either. Maybe they can use Mama Odie's voodoo to fight enemies and such. I'd just like to see The Princess and the Frog get some form of recognition soon. Here's an idea: A hexagonal disc that gives you a New Orleans bayou sky complete with some music from the movie playing in the background!

Flynn Rider - Since we have Rapunzel, yes, Flynn Rider please!

John Carter, Deja Thoris and Tars Tarkas - Some love for John Carter of Mars, haha. You know me. But again, that film has a big scope and lots of action. It's perfect for this game, and maybe if it gets a play set or whatever, it can win the film some new fans.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sargent Calhoun - Fix stuff up and also kick some Cy-Bug arse! In fact really I'd love to see a Wreck-It Ralph play set with Hero's Duty in it!

What are your picks? Share your list!


  1. Roger Rabbit!
    More Mickey's friends.

  2. Horned King!!!! Dr. Facilier!! Kida!

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