Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Look at 'Big Hero 6'

It's about time... In preparation for the premiere of the teaser, Walt Disney Animation Studios and (as usual) USA Today brought us a first look at the studio's upcoming superhero epic, Big Hero 6!

The three new images only focus on two things, boy inventor Hiro and his robot Baymax...

The piece revealed that Baymax is actually a nursing robot, and when trouble unfolds, Hiro turns it into a fighting machine. Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams also talked about how the six protagonists aren't like The Avengers, they use technology and their brains to become heroes - no godly powers or serums. Again, that's a nice change of pace and that way, the studio can differentiate it from all the other superhero films that have been dominating the worldwide box office. Plus, it was already way different from its 2004 Emeryville cousin, The Incredibles.

The designs are very good. Hiro has a slight anime-esque look and pre-fighter Baymax is appropriately cute and sports a charming minimalistic design. Fighter Baymax looks pretty awesome...

However, this is just a taste of what's to come. These images of course don't show us the full scope of the film, which we will most likely get in the trailer on Thursday. Until then, at least we have a good idea of what it will look like. I think it looks great, like any Walt Disney Animation Studios film. When it was first unveiled nearly two years ago, I was hyped. Disney Animation tackling a Marvel-based film with anime influences? I was game from the start!

Are you excited for this new Walt Disney Animation Studios event? What do you think of the images? Sound off below!


  1. im extremely excited!!! XD

    I went online to see how people reacted to this, and I don't like it.

    1. Racist? San Fransokyo doesn't sound racist even tho it sounds weird in the 1st place. first, its to appeal to American audiences. 2nd, they want to differentiate itself from the MCU, which resembles real-world. if it takes place in either Tokyo or san fran, they can be related to wolverine and the avengers, which Disney is trying to not do.

    2. Hiro looks like Violet if u put a wig on him lol. and he looks a bit like hiccup too. and people r starting to complain how Baymax looks like an EVE child (wall-e).

    on the other hand, I love it! I love how Hiro looks so typical anime male (huge eyes, black dot for pupils, skinny body, ruffling hair, sharp chin). sure, he doesn't look Japanese, and neither r the anime that r trying to resemble Japanese!
    I love how creative Disney is, being able to make an adorable-looking Baymax into that piece of awesomeness.
    and I also love how different it is from frozen. frozen's character designs r meh, making it feel like frozen can be inside tangled's world. here, the characters look very anime and the world of San Franso is really imaginative and different.

    also, I love how WDAS's animation gives off a completely different vibe from Pixar and DreamWorks. when those 2 studios aimed for realistic details that look very real, Disney took another step and add in vibes of hand drawn in there recent works, and they look very classy hand-drawn while still staying detailed and beautiful. hope new types of animations will be discovered in the future.
    im just. excited. everything sounds amazing so far lol.

    1. Man, now I know why I don't visit various sites when it comes to animation/Disney news...

      But anyways, yes, it does look incredible!